Safe Place

Woodbridge Police Department (WPD) Safe Place Program

Woodbridge Township is a community with increasing ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. Essential to this growth, is the ability of residents to freely express their own cultures, customs and lifestyle without fear of bias or intimidation. Even today, vulnerable segments of our population, most notably the LGBTQ+ community, have increasingly become targets of hatred and bias incidents. The Woodbridge Police Department (WPD) stands committed to providing for the safety and security of all residents and visitors - including the LGBTQ+ community.

The WPD SAFE PLACE program exhibits the department’s commitment toward maintaining a safe, inclusive and accountable community. By posting the WPD SAFE PLACE decal in locations visible to the public, Woodbridge Township Buy Local businesses, public and private schools and community organizations and associations demonstrate their support of the LGBTQ+ community and announce that they are working closely with the WPD in an effort to encourage reporting and reducing anti-LGBTQ+ crimes and intimidation. In so doing, participating entities serve as locations supporting safe and secure places for LGBTQ+ victims to go when they experience crimes, discrimination and/or harassment. Calling 9-1-1 and waiting for police to respond is imperative for suspect accountability, reducing crimes of hate and demonstrating a Township-wide “no tolerance” policy toward discrimination.

WPD Safe Place Mission
WPD SAFE PLACE is geared to enhance the relationship between the Woodbridge Police Department, the LGBTQ+ community, victims of bias incidents, local businesses, schools and allies. WPD SAFE PLACE will provide decals to local businesses, schools, organizations and allies encouraging those locations and entities to clearly post the signage at the entrance(s) and publicly visible areas in their premise as the symbol of safe haven for victims of LGBTQ+ crime.

The WPD SAFE PLACE decals are designed to:
- Be highly visible, uniform and recognizable to the entire community
- Provide designated safe locations for community members to seek services
- Show support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Displaying the WPD Safe Place Decal
Locations displaying the WPD SAFE PLACE decal assume responsibilities that will greatly assist the WPD in protecting LGBTQ+ victims of crimes.
The WPD SAFE PLACE symbol of safety will be recognized by residents and visitors and will indicate that your business, school, organization or premise is willing to assist and protect LGBTQ+ victims. To execute this concept effectively, the WPD requests that business owners, managers and community leaders instruct staff, employees, teachers, administrators, volunteers, counselors and/or students, etc. of the following protocol:
• Apply the WPD SAFE PLACE decal outside the front entrance of your establishment, building, room, etc. (approx. 3-5 feet high, if possible). If there is no glass at your front entrance, the WPD SAFE PLACE decal can be placed conspicuously inside your premise;
• Allow victims to enter and remain at your premise until WPD officers arrive;
• Call or assist victims in calling: 9-1-1.

Request for WPD Safe Place Decals
WPD SAFE PLACE decals (4”x 6”) are provided FREE of charge. These decals are specifically designed for businesses, schools, organizations and allies to post at or near the front entrance to their premise as a symbol of safety for victims of LGBTQ+ related crimes and as a warning to criminal offenders. WPD SAFE PLACE decals are NOT to be displayed in private residences. If interested in participating in The WPD Safe Place Program, please provide the name of your business, the address, and your contact information by emailing us at the or call our non-emergency phone number, 732-634-7700, for the Community Affairs Unit.