1. Be at the bus stop early. The bus driver may not see you running for the bus if you are late, you could slip and fall under the wheels.

  2. Wait for the bus in a safe place - away from the road. Wait away from the road because a car could hit you if you are too close to the road.

  3. Sit down as soon as possible. There may be other people waiting to get on, if it takes too long for everyone to get on cars get impatient and go around the bus. Someone could get hit if this happens.

  4. Stay seated at all times. 'Back to back' and 'bottom to bottom' take off your backpack and put it in your lap.

  5. Keep hands, arms and head inside the bus at all times. A bus is wider than a car, it gets very close to trees and poles, you could be seriously injured if you have any body parts outside the bus.

  6. Please don't eat or drink on the bus. You could choke on the food and the driver might not see you.

  7. Listen to the bus driver and follow directions. The bus driver's instructions are for your safety.

  8. Leave the bus carefully, using the handrail. Hold on to the rail because you could fall.

  9. Take 10 giant steps in front of the bus before crossing in front of it. You should be able to see the driver's face, remember if you can't see his face, he can't see you.

  10. Wait for the bus driver's signal before crossing the road. Your driver will signal you when it is safe to cross.

  11. Look both ways before crossing the road. Check the road yourself, the driver may not see everything.

  12. Stay away from the bus if you drop or forget something. NEVER go back to pick up something in the road, get an adult to get it for you. If you forgot something on the bus, you can always get it later. The bus driver can't see you if you are too close to the front of the bus.

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