LEAP 2021

LEAP (Learners of English Achievement Program) is an extended school year program designed to serve ELLs (English Language Learners) entering Grades K through 5 (2021-2022) who are identified as a Newcomer (e.g., length of time in the United States, age, educational background), a SLIFE (student with limited or interrupted formal education) or identified as at-risk. This year we also included ELLs entering Grade 6 (2021-2022). The program ran from June 21 through June 30 in-person at Oak Tree Road School #29 with 57 ELLs participating. The objective of L.E.A.P. is to provide a specialized program to meet individual needs of ELLs through:

·        Literacy/language Instruction.
·        Academic/content instruction basic foundations of core subjects.
·        Acculturation process of familiarizing students & parents/guardians with their new environment: the school, educational expectations, the community, and the United States.
·        Orientation for expectations in middle school (prerequisite skills, course selections etc.).
·        SEL (Social Emotional Learning).

Here's the 2021 LEAP video: https://youtu.be/Q1PiqRmIGOA