From Colonia High School, new Hall of Famers include :

1. Twana Allen, class of 1992, Track and Field

2. Gary Battle, class of 1987, Basketball

3. Coach Tom Chmiel, Girls Basketball

4. Dr. Martine Gubernat, class of 1980, Track and Field

5. Mike Helman, class of 1973, Baseball

6. Judy Martino, class of 1983, Softball

7. Coach Ken Pace Sr., Boys Basketball

8. Michael Payne, class of 1980, Football and Basketball

9. William A. “Tony” Payne, class of 1984, Basketball

10. Tina Sabunas, class of 1992, Softball

11. Karen Youngman, class of 1980, Softball

From John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, new Hall of Famers include:

1. Ron Allen, class of 1987, Football, Track and Field

2. James Anderson, class of 1984, Football , Basketball, Track and Field

3. Courtney Burton, class of 1990, Football, Basketball, Track and Field

4. Maureen (Clancy) Harshman, class of 1981, Tennis, Basketball, Softball

5. Lisa Da Cruz, class of 1983, Basketball, Softball

6. Jennifer (Egan) Bjorndahl, class of 1993, Tennis, Basketball, Softball

7. Kathleen (Flanagan) Colon, class of 1988, Softball

8. Jeff Kipila, class of 1983, Football, Baseball

9. Coach Ray Newman, Boys basketball

10.Christine Stuppi, class of 1986, Tennis, Basketball, Softball

From Woodbridge High School, new Hall of Famers include:

1. Dan Bertolami, class of 1984, Track and Field

2. Michele Bresant, class of 1974, Basketball, Track and Field

3. Coach Henry Chomicki, Track and Field

4. Dr. Frank Corbo, class of 1981, Football, Baseball

5. Leonard “Buck” Jenkins, class of 1989, Basketball

6. Paul Mallas, class of 1960, Football, Track and Field

7. Andy Mc Cray, class of 1960, Track and Field

8. Robert J. Murphy, class of 1988, Wrestling

9. Bill Schoenig, class of 1977, Baseball

10. Coach Mike Yannazzo, Boys and Girls Bowling

11. 1978 Softball team –Coach was Joan Wataha. This team was the 1978 GROUP 1V STATE CHAMPIONS.

The WTAAA has selected Mayor John E. Mc Cormac as it’s special guest of honor. Mayor Mc Cormac has been a strong advocate for the students and citizens of Woodbridge Township by enhancing and upgrading many facilities at Township schools and by participating in many community events. We appreciate his help, support , and overall interest very much.

The WTAAA Hall of Fame Induction Dinner will be held on Thursday night , September 17, at 6:00pm, at the Woodbridge Community Center. This would be a great opportunity to meet old friends and classmates. The cost for the dinner is $50.00 for adults and $25.00 for children under twelve. Requests for tickets may be forwarded to Woodbridge Township Athletic Alumni Association, c/o Woodbridge Recreation Department, 600 Main Street, Woodbridge, N.J. 07095. Payment may be made to Woodbridge Township Athletic Alumni Association. Ticket requests will be held at the welcome table.

The WTAAA is accepting business ”ads” to support our program. Full page = $300.00; Half page=$175.00; Business cards $50.00; Boosters are $10.00 for 45 characters and $20.00 for 90 characters. Please type out your sentence in WORD. Payment may be made to the above address but “ad” copy must be forwarded to artdept@smprinting.com. “Ads” must be camera ready in PDF or J PEG. Hard copy “ads” may be sent to the above address on Main Street.