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Academic Competition Team

WHS "Jeopardy" team, where we take on other schools in quiz bowl competitions and tournaments.

Joshua Peitz


Art Club

Art Club is open to anyone who enjoys art and collaboration with other artists. It is a place where students can advance their art skills, practice new techniques, create bonds with others in the art community and help to beautify the school.

Justine Garcia
Rebecca Schwartzstein


Barron Perspective

The Barron Perspective is Woodbridge High School's newspaper, which is staffed and written by the students of Mr. O'Halloran's Journalism courses. New issues of the Barron Perspective are published to their website, If you are interested in journalism, please see Mr. O'Halloran in room 304.

Brian O'Halloran

Chinese Honor Society

The club is introducing Chinese language & culture to students through fun & interested games.

Tiffany Chen

Choir (Vocal Point)

WHS VOCAL POINT is a singing group that meets once a week after school.
There is no audition or experience required - we welcome all levels, from beginners to advanced singers. Vocal Point is great for anyone who enjoys singing and wants to improve their technique, and for those who would like to sing in a choir but cannot fit it in their class schedule.
We focus on: improving solo singing technique (posture/alignment, breath support, tone quality), improving group singing technique (harmony, blend, expression), understanding the basics of music theory (rhythm, pitch, sight reading) and practicing choral pieces to perform at school events (mostly pop, rock, r&b, and musical theater).

Lisa Romero


Drama Club

The club allows students to participate in the world of theatre arts including acting, directing, creating a scene, stage management, and communicating with an audience. Students also experience theatre appreciation by attending shows on Broadway, as well as critiquing each others work. The most important goal is simply for students to learn how to work together to create something that will entertain and inspire others. The club meets weekly, usually on Tuesdays in Room 150/ Auditorium.

Kelly W Terrell; Tom Lynch


Ecology Club

The Ecology Club is made up of a group of students that are dedicated to learning more about and improving our environment and our interactions with it. We accomplish this by doing multiple clean ups around the school and at local parks. Your community service can be rewarded with opportunities to join our educational tours and trips! Please join and see our Google Classroom for more information!

Scott Semmens & Thomas Picciano


El Dorado

El Dorado, our literary and art magazine, meets after school in room 308 on selected Tuesdays throughout the year. Our El Dorado staff chooses student poems, short stories, essays, digital photos, and art work for the upcoming edition of the magazine. If you would like to join the staff, please listen to the morning announcements, attend the next meeting, and complete a club permission slip. See Mrs. Kreisel in room 308 for more details.

Mrs. Kreisel


English as a Second Language (ESL) Club

The ESL Club provides support to students whose first language is not English. The Club is open to all students at WHS. It allows linguistically diverse students to meet and further their learning of the English language by socializing with native speakers of English. Club activities include promoting vocabulary and language skills, the exploration of American culture, discussion, group games, and homework assistance. This club meets once or twice a month in room 306.

Peter Morrison and Mary Kiefer



Weight Training for athletic performance

Joe LaSala

See Coach LaSala in the gym.

Future Problem Solvers

Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) is a challenging and rewarding program. Proficiency in Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) is a result of understanding the Creative Problem Solving model and mastering the generating and focusing tools used in problem solving.

Joe Williams


Garden Club

The Garden Club is a brand new club that is looking for students who want to learn more about gardens and various gardening techniques. We intend on taking trips to local gardens, helping regional farms and even starting and growing our own here at WHS. Many volunteer hour opportunities will be available!

Natisha Versuk & Scott Semmens


Gay-Straight Alliance

GSA was founded to create a safe environment for our Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered or Questioning students and their straight allies to meet, learn, work and grow. Together we will identify our missions and goals and assess our school’s climate. It is our hope that with this Club we can continue the important work of maintaining a safe school environment for all of our students regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. We meet once to twice a month in Room 306 after school.

Peter Morrison and Mary Kiefer


Give a Paw (GaP) Club

Our club's goal is to help promote animal adoption from local shelters and to collect much needed items and food for animals that remain in those shelters.

Mr. Switek


Heroes and Cool Kids

The Heroes & Cool Kids program began operating during the 1998-99 school year, is a not-for-profit organization based in New Jersey and New York State. The program was introduced to Woodbridge Township through the Municipal Alliance in 2008-2009 as a pilot program at WHS before being introduced to the other 2 high schools. The program utilizes the services of current and former professional athletes whose personal life experiences enable them to train high school juniors and seniors (Heroes) to mentor 6th graders (Cool Kids)

A group of trained volunteer athletes who are usually former professional train high school juniors and seniors, to mentor middle school students on important life skills, including sportsmanship, conflict resolution, nutrition, anti-bullying as well as positive lifestyle choices highlighting drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention.

The program runs each school year from November until May. There are 3 trainings for the HIGH SCHOOL students, which in turn lead to 3 classroom mentoring visits to the MIDDLE SCHOOL 6th Graders. These trainings are crucial and mandatory for each member of the program.

Mission Statement
"The goal of Heroes & Cool Kids is to promote positive and pro-social behavior in students and to create a caring and disciplined school climate"
*This program is successful because the elementary school students (cool kids) look up to their high school mentors (heroes) as role models, making a positive impact on both. Most of the Heroes have been impacted at the middle school level or participated in 6th grade and are now in a position to be the mentors as juniors and seniors. The goal is to keep this positive cycle going!

Mr. Angatia & Ms. Kiefer

Host & Hostess Club

Students participate in foods related activities such as community service projects, catering events, school-wide club activities, and field trips. There will be various opportunities for students to earn volunteer hours. No cooking background is necessary to join and the club is open all students. Join our google classroom and see Miss Versuk in Room 126 for more details!

Natisha Versuk


Interact Club

The Interact Club focuses on lending a hand with local organizations in an effort to make our community better than it was yesterday.

Jessica Montes & Scott Semmens


International Culture Club

The International Culture Club is made up of Woodbridge High School students who bring diverse cultures together within our community. We hope to break down borders and allow all people, regardless of background, to feel welcome and included in our multicultural community.

The members of the ICC will organize and participate in community events in an effort to enhance the cultural diversity of our student population.

Meetings will take place bi-weekly right after school in room 208. The 2021-2022 Advisor is Mme Zeitz. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in our meetings and events. Please listen to daily announcements for scheduled meetings. Contact Mme Zeitz if you have any questions:

Suzana Zeitz


Gay-Straight Alliance

GSA was founded to create a safe environment for our Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered or Questioning students and their straight allies to meet, learn, work and grow. Together we will identify our missions and goals and assess our school’s climate. It is our hope that with this Club we can continue the important work of maintaining a safe school environment for all of our students regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. We meet once to twice a month in Room 306 after school.

Peter Morrison
Mary Kiefer 

Letters for Rose

Letters For Rose is an organization that was founded with the intent of helping senior citizens feel less lonely in nursing homes, especially during the pandemic. In Letters For Rose, students in our chapter will be able to write letters to these residents along with creating artwork to bring smiles to their faces. There is also the opportunity of obtaining volunteer hours through Letters For Rose.

Mary Kiefer


Ms. Pannullo

Junior Cotillion Committee



Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was organized April 10, 1926, at the University of Iowa by renowned pollster George H. Gallup and a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing individual student achievement in journalism and scholastic publication. The Woodbridge High School chapter was registered on November 25, 1957.

Brian O'Halloran

Social Justice Club

Our Social Justice Club mission is to promote unity and respect amongst students and staff at WHS; to embrace and celebrate the diversity of race, cultural and gender identity that makes up our school community; to promote awareness of and efforts to end social injustices in our community and throughout the world.

Ms. Zadigian


Spring Musical

WHS presents a full-fledged Broadway-style musical theatre production. Students are involved as actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stage managers, and other backstage areas. All students are given the opportunity to audition for the annual WHS Senior Musical to be performed in early spring. Practices vary, Monday - Friday and some Saturdays. Check the website for audition dates. See Mr.s Terrell or Lynch for more information.

Kelly W. Terrell; Tom Lynch


Video Game Club

We play video games. We meet every other Tuesday in room D-8 at 2:40pm after school. The first meeting is Tuesday, October 5th

Mr. Hoyer


WHS College Club

The objective of the WHS College Club is to help students prepare and navigate the process of applying to college.

Anthony Hein


Woodbridge Township Youth Council

Our organization is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. As a member you will learn about mental health and wellness, as well as the importance of having a trusted adult you can turn to when needed. You will never be asked to solve someone else's problems or act as a counselor in any way. Your role is to focus on your own mental health, and to learn who to turn to if you notice someone else needs help.

Mrs. Royce & Mrs. Wauters



Yearbook club provides students with the opportunity to assist in yearbook sales, photography and design. Students help to promote yearbook sales by making posters and distributing yearbook information. Students also assist in designing the pages of the yearbook. Students are also provided with the opportunity to take yearbook photos. It's a great experience for students to be truly involved with their school and create a piece of history!

Taylor DeLeo, co-advisor Danielle Finis


APIC (Asian Pacific Island Club)

a social outlet/safe environment/cultural support system for WHS students interested in Asian Pacific-Islander culture

Anthony Hein


National Honors Society

Christina Kavaja & Gabriela Balle

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