Important SLE Information - Parents

Because SLE is practice for employment, it is essential that your student think of it as a job and not just something they are doing for school. We ask that all parents/guardians accept the responsibility of supporting their child to develop the APPEARANCE, ATTITUDE, AND ATTENDANCE that will ensure they are ready for the world of work. Look below for the rules and guidelines you should know. As time goes on, it is appropriate for your child to accept more and more of these responsibilities for themselves, just as they have in feeding, dressing, and schoolwork.

Attendance - Program Days and Dates

The SLE Work program runs from October 1st to May 31st every academic year, unless those days fall on weekends/holidays, in which case it begins on the first school day after Oct. 1st and/or ends on the school day before May 31st.

Our school calendar has some half-days scheduled for holidays, and others for high school exams and/or teacher inservices. It is important to realize that our students STILL ATTEND THEIR JOB EXPERIENCES on the half-days not associated with a holiday (such as Jan. 29th and 30th). Conversely, our students DO NOT ATTEND ANY JOB EXPERIENCES on the half-days preceding holidays (for instance, before Thanksgiving or Christmas). In addition, work is cancelled when we have delayed openings due to inclement weather. If an early dismissal due to weather is expected, we PROBABLY will not go to work, but the decision is made by Transportation.

Students are expected to take attendance at their job experiences very seriously; as seriously as you take your attendance at your job. They are responsible for calling out of work on any day they cannot attend by calling RISE at (732) 568-5657 between 8:00-8:15am. STUDENTS MUST CALL, NOT A PARENT OR ANYONE ELSE. For the first time this year, we will also permit students to send us a message on Remind to call out - again, the STUDENT must message us. This is important for two reasons: 1) to get the student used to what would be expected of them as an adult worker, and 2) to make a distinction between the RISE Transition Program and school, since your student is used to having YOU call out of school for them. However, please be aware that parents must call Transportation at (732) 346-2301, so the bus does not come to your house.


One of the most important goals of SLE is for every student to develop the work attitudes that will get them hired and will help them succeed on any job. It is a major component of the formative and summative evaluations that will earn them their grade. Please click here to view an example of a form that is used to evaluate students on the job. Also, if your child eventually receives services from the Division for Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS), this information can help the case manager.


Part of your child's grade is based on their appearance. Soon you will receive information about the dress code required at each of the job sites your student would be attending. Please refer to the link under "EXPLORE" to view the dress codes for all employers.

In addition, your goal should be to have your child accepting more and more responsibility for their clothing, hair, and general hygiene. For now, it may be appropriate for you to check on these things, so that your child makes the best possible impression with their supervisors each day.