2nd Grade Partners with Home Depot

A Bulb Garden is growing at Menlo Park Terrace

The second grade teachers at Menlo Park Terrace School #19 received a garden grant through the YMCA’s Healthy Futures Initiative. The grant was funded by the Stop & Shop Family Foundation. The second grade students learned all about planting a bulb garden. Prior to digging in the dirt, the children made observations and took measurements of tulips, daffodils, allium, and crocuses. They compared the bulbs and recorded their findings on a chart. Then on a beautiful fall day in October, the second graders went outside to use hand shovels and bulb diggers to plant them in the ground. The students used rulers to make sure the bulbs were spaced correctly and that they were planted at the correct depth. Employees from the Woodbridge Home Depot volunteered their time to help the children complete the project. It was an exciting day for everyone!

Now the students will have to patiently wait for spring. They will continue to watch the planting beds in search of green leaves sprouting from the ground. When that time comes, they will once again head outside to collect more information and continue learning about these amazing flowers.