Revised Rank!!!

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The Woodbridge Township School District recently adopted a revised rank weight grid to calculate class rank for our high school students. The revision includes an addition of rank points for honors courses and increases the AP rank weight. The grid can be found on page two of student transcripts.


At the high school level courses can have five different tracks: Advanced Placement (AP), College (C), Honors (H), Advanced (R) and College Prep (S). These five tracks are arranged into four rank weights (AP & C track courses have the same rank weight). The grid can be used to calculate the rank points that a student would receive for their grade in a course of a certain track.

These changes were made to reward the students who successfully complete the most challenging courses. It is recommended that students, parents and guidance counselors have an open, informed discussion regarding the impact AP, C, H, R or S track courses have on class rank. For example, an “A” in an R track course is worth as many rank points as a “C” in an AP course.

Although track selection should be based on the abilities of the student, there is a corresponding impact that track will have on rank. Increasing rank points will help improve class rank; it will NOT however, change GPA since GPA is not weighted.