• Back to School Checklist

    Here is your "Back to School Checklist" to make sure you are all ready to start a great school year!

    First Steps


    Help Your Child Prepare for School

    • Arrange for your child to play with others in his age group before classes start
    • Discuss your child's feelings about starting school and talk over any concerns
    • Talk with your child about his daily school schedule
    • Talk about peer pressure with your child
    • Have your child memorize your home address and home and work phone numbers
    • Tour the school with your child so she can find her classrooms, the restrooms, and the cafeteria


    Check Medical Requirements

    • Make sure your child has all required immunizations
    • Schedule a physical exam for your child if needed to participate in school activities
    • Get your child's vision checked before school starts if he is due for an exam
    • Notify the principal's office, the school nurse, and your child's teachers about any health problems or medications


    Stock Up on School Supplies

    • Check the school website or call for a list of required supplies
    • Find out whether students will store supplies at school or bring them home each day
    • Buy a backpack or bag to carry daily items
    • Review the school dress code
    • Buy school uniforms and gym clothes, if necessary


    Learn About the School

    • Find out whether the teacher prefers to communicate by phone, email, or written note
    • Know what your child is expected to learn in her grade level
    • Familiarize yourself with the information on the school website
    • Note the phone numbers for reporting absences
    • Find out the procedure for taking your child out of school early
    • Read the school handbook and make sure your child understands the rules
    • Review the school's NJ School Performance Report


    Plan To Be Involved

    • Mark school events on the family calendar
    • Attend the back-to-school program
    • Schedule and attend parent-teacher conferences
    • Meet leaders of the parent-teacher group


    Plan Healthy Meals


    Arrange Transportation


    Make After-School Plans

    • Arrange child care or after-school activities
    • Choose extracurricular activities carefully to avoid overscheduling
    • Make sure your child knows where to go after school each day


    Lay the Ground Rules

    • Establish a firm bedtime before school starts
    • Determine where and when your child will do homework
    • Figure out a plan for balancing homework and play time
    • Set rules for the time spent on TV, video games, and computer use for non-school projects