District Goals

  1. Provide equitable learning opportunities and resources such that every child, regardless of their characteristics and educational needs, is given technological, pedagogical, social, emotional and psychological supports to achieve high academic standards.
  2. Provide students and staff members with more opportunities to learn different strategies to assess, maintain, and improve their mental health and wellness.
  3. Provide exemplary virtual instruction as an option for families who choose fully-remote education.
  4. Increase the number of students who demonstrate competency on NJ Student Learning Standards, as measured by state and local assessments.
  5. Develop a database to track the academic progress of each student in grades 2-12.
  6. Increase participation and performance on HS tests:
    1. Increase the number of HS students who score a “3” or higher on AP tests.
    2. Increase the number of HS students who score a 1000 or higher on the SAT.
    3. Increase the number of HS students who score a 21 or higher on the ACT.
  7. Build capacity of educators to foster and implement equitable practices to reduce barriers for all students.
  8. Increase the level of security in all of our buildings.
  9. Increase career opportunities for students who do not plan on attending college.
  10. Provide more opportunities for student, staff, and community input.