Helpful Resources

  • On this page I have assembled some links for parents (or students) who want to find out what resources are offered by the state after your child is out of school. Now is a great time to get all of the information you can so that you know what to expect. Be assured that your child's case manager and I will do everything we can to ensure your child is set up for an appropriate level of service when their time at school is done.
  • NJ DDD Provider Search Database

    Anyone served by DDD must choose a Support Coordinator. This is the official database of accredited providers. You can browse the database to see what kind of services are available.


  • Transition Matters - Resources page from the Family Support Center of NJ

    The Family Resource Network is a great group to get information from. They are powerful advocates of students and families in NJ schools. On this page they have many links to useful resources, some slightly out of date, and some I have myself listed elsewhere on this page, but it is worthwhile just to poke around - you may find answers to questions you haven't even thought about yet!


  • PACER's National Parent Center on Transition and Employment

    This site is a recent discovery I made. It has an incredible (perhaps overwhelming) amount of information and is designed to be used by parents, professionals in the field, and especially the students with transition concerns themselves. I will be using its resources extensively in class beginning in 2018. Whenever you have a question now, or even after your student ages-out and enters the federal and state support systems, look here and you will find something to help!!


  • Division of Disability Services NJ Resource Guide 2018

    This is the most exhaustive list of services available in NJ for people with any disability. I would tell anyone who is moving into the state or who will be responsible for the care of an adult with a disability, START HERE. Also available in Spanish.


  • Supplimental Security Income (SSI) Information page

    Provides monthly benefit checks for all qualifying disabled students aged 18 and over, regardless of family income. Apply by age 18, as the application and adjudication process takes several months.


  • DDD Timeline for Students Turning 21

    This PDF has now been updated and will be the same for EVERY school year, 2020 on. For those families who know or expect their child to be DDD eligible, this a great timeline to be ready for aging-out - it is a good idea to look at it now even if you have a few more years in school.


  • Department of Education Vocational Profile

    This link will take you to a PDF of the Vocational Profile your student will be completing in June as part of our summation of the Structured Learning Experiences program at RISE. You can bring the completed profile to your child's DVRS intake meeting. You can look at the profile items together with your child any time to get an idea of how their abilities and preferences will be assessed.


  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, NJ

    Transitioning and employment/training services. Can contact for info starting at age 14; must apply for services and get assigned a case manager within 1 year of when your child will leave school.


  • NJ Divison of Developmental Disabilities

    Funding agency for day services, residential services, self-directed programs. Can contact for info when your child is any age; apply for services after age 18.


  • The NJ CAT - NJ Divison of Developmental Disabilities

    The NJ CAT (NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool) is the mandatory needs-based assessment used by the Division of Developmental Disabilities as part of the process of determining an individual's eligibility to receive Division-funded services. The NJ CAT assesses an individual's support needs in three main areas: Self-care, Behavioral, and Medical. The link below will take you to a SAMPLE CAT assessment for you to check out; the actual CAT can only be completed through an in-person interview with your student's DDD caseworker.


  • Alliance Centers for Independence

    A great advocacy organization; they will help point you towards information and also have free and low-cost events for community members with disabilities. Open to all.


  • NJ Transit Reduced Fare Program for Persons with Disabilities

    This should be on your list of things to have in place for when your student ages-out; at RISE we go everywhere on public transportation, so they are gaining the skills. With a disabled rider card they can save 50% or more off bus and train fares. There is a link on this page to a printable PDF application.


  • NJ Transit Access Link

    If you believe it is more appropriate for your student to use paratransit rather than regular public transit, I am including the link for Access Link, the NJ Transit Paratransit system. It provides door-to-door service (with restrictions, read the page carefully) for persons with disabilities who live along regular transit routes, whose disability prevents them from using regular public transportation. One person without disability generally may accompany the disabled person.