Mission Statement

Menlo Park Terrace School #19 is a vibrant family of learners; one where students and faculty are challenged to inquire, to investigate, and to think deeply about things that matter in their world.School #19 is also a collaborative 

community where students, teachers and administrators support one another in our collective journey in learning. We hope to develop, through a technology infused curriculum, lifelong learners who are responsible citizens prepared
to enter the global society.

Learning is at the heart of what we do at Menlo Park Terrace School #19. Learning focuses on two primary areas. Students focus on both learning academic skills and how to be empathic, compassionate and caring members of
the community. Through our focus on academic skills and concepts we strive to enable our students to have a wide
array of choices in life.

Our commitment to infusing technology throughout the curriculum continues. The building’s wireless capabilities allow
students, faculty, and support staff to access a variety of educational resources found on the World Wide Web.
Students and faculty utilize netbook, laptop, and desktop computers, interactive whiteboards, and audio/visual streaming technology software to support and enhance many of our academic programs. As a result, our
learners regularly utilize different technologies to participate in a variety of interactive lessons to support our K-5 curricula, which includes: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information Literacy, Art, Music
(vocal & instrumental), Health and Safety, and Physical Education. Additional program services, including Academic
Support Instruction, Leveled Literacy Instruction, Child Study Team services, speech therapy, and an off-site gifted
and talented program, are available to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

To further supplement the district curricula, we continue to implement programs such as Peer Tutoring, Read Across
America, Safety Patrol, Elementary School Track and Field, and School Spirit Day. One component of our character education program, Project Wisdom, provides both students and faculty the opportunity to read the daily Words of
Wisdom to our school community. These daily messages challenge everyone in the building “to make it a great day or not…the choice is yours.” To further encourage all of our students to achieve at high-levels, we honor select students
with Academic Honor Roll and Student of the Month awards throughout the school year.
Opportunities for community members to become involved with the Menlo Park Terrace School 19 Huskies exist through
several organizations and programs, including our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). All parents and teachers who are part of the Menlo Park Terrace School 19 community have the opportunity to become active participants in our
PTO. This organization’s intent is to support and enhance many of our educational and co-curricular programs to enrich the educational experiences for all of our students.

Our learning organization also provides opportunities for our certified staff members to continue to learn and develop as professionals. Our school-level Professional Development Committee regularly analyzes student achievement data and surveys the faculty to develop and plan continuing education opportunities for our teachers. These opportunities allow our teachers to further develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas to maintain their focus on the technical core of our organization, which is teaching and learning. An additional component to our faculty’s professional development this school year has been the utilization of social media to develop Personal Learning Networks (PLN). Many of our faculty members have utilized social media platforms, including Twitter, to make connections with other educators throughout the world. Our teachers’ commitment to developing their PLN’s not only contributes to their individual professional success, but also to our students’ continued learning. I encourage you to search and follow many of our faculty on a variety of social media platforms. Collectively, these professional development commitments allow our certified staff members to focus on any areas of concern identified through data analyses to ensure that our students meet their respective grade level expectations.

At Menlo Park Terrace School #19 our doors are always open and we welcome community involvement.At School #19 we are committed to seeing that our students work to their potential and that they receive an education that will prepare them for a productive adulthood.It is our firm belief that working together asa TEAM will make us achieve great success for our students and for our community. Together Each Achieve More!

Lets Go Huskies!
Mrs. Margaret Truppa
(732) 596-4147