Physical Form

Medical examinations are required prior to entry into the Woodbridge Township School District. The student's healthcare provider must conduct these examinations no more than one year prior to enrollment. A copy of the examination report must be provided to the school at the time of enrollment. Please see the Universal Health Record link below.

We encourage you to have your child examined by his/her primary healthcare provider at least once during each of the following developmental stages:

Early Childhood (Preschool through Grade 3)

Pre-adolescence (Grades 4 through 6)

Adolescence (Grades 7 throught 12)

Yearly well-child visits offer a great opportunity to review any questions or concerns you have about your child's health with your primary health care provider. 

Sharing important health care information with your child's school ensures that we are aware of any special health concerns regarding your child.

Universal Child Health Record