Free Online Courses for Parents

Created By Sue Sullivan, New Jersey Department of Education Office of Curriculum and Standards and Educational Technology

I've always believed that you are winning until you quit, and that you are old when you want to stop learning new things. When children see parents and guardians continuing to learn and grow, it demonstrates to them that learning is a lifelong process. If you have ever wanted to enhance your knowledge of specific topics but were simply too busy to follow through, there are free websites that I have found useful to educate myself on a variety of subjects. These sites will allow you to access information at your own pace and begin fulfilling your learning curiosity. I have shared a site below that lists 20 different websites offering thousands of free online courses on many topics. Please note that these are my personal recommendations, and the New Jersey Department of Education does not specifically endorse the website(s) listed. Enjoy!

20 Places online to educate yourself for free http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/20-places-educate-yourself-online-for-free.html