Working Papers

If you are under the age of 18, seeking employment and are offered a position, you must obtain working papers through the school.  Currently, the main office is processing working papers electronically.

Click HERE, print the PDF document of the working papers, and follow the below instruction:

Section A: This is information all about you. Fill it out and have a parent/guardian sign the bottom right.

Section B:  This section is to be completed by your employer and signed by him/her on the bottom right of that section.

Section C:  If you have a sports physical on file that was completed in high school you do NOT need to have your physician sign off that you are physically qualified.  The info from your sports physical can be added and filled in when you send back the papers.

Section D:  You will need to attach and send back a copy of your birth certificate or your passport for proof of age.

Section F:  Add your signature on the line that says "signature of minor" and date the document.

Once you complete the form, scan the paper and forward the file, along with a copy of your proof of age, via email to the below addresses. (Scanning is the preferred method but a clear picture can be sent and converted).  Upon receipt, the issuing officer signatures will be added and a working paper number assigned.  The final document will be sent back to you so that it can be printed and brought to your new employer.

Email inquiries and/or completed working papers to: 

Donna Puglisi: 




Nicole Lanigan: