Principal's Page

“Success comes from both a shared responsibility and personal accountability”

This theme for the 2020-21 school year is one that will permeate the messages being to communicated to our students at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. It is one that defines JFKMHS’s expectation for each student that walks the halls of this great school. Through an emphasis on the academics and extra-curricular involvement our faculty hopes to inspire our students. However, each day our students inspire more than just their peers, they inspire our faculty, and in some very special cases send a message of hope to the future that awaits them. The 2020-21 school year is one that comes with it the challenges of a global pandemic, but through the shared responsibility of providing our students a rigorous education I am confident that they will meet their future with success.

As principal of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, I get to share in the many outstanding achievements our students accomplish each day. Our students commitment to excellence is something that is apparent through the breadth of activities and organizations that they participate in, volunteer for, and coordinate. I welcome parents, guardians and visitors to this site to use the twitter links below and see what JFKMHS is “talking about.” The first link #JFKMHSpride is used by faculty and administration alike to celebrate the achievements of our students, teams, and organizations. As building principal, I want the students to know that we not only support the dedication they display to our school, but that we are proud of them. The second link #JFKMHSfamily is meant to keep our students and families informed of school happenings, opportunities, and information that may be of use to them.

This school year we are excited to utilize JFKMHS TV, a platform where we can both celebrate the accomplishments of our students, and keep our virtual students and their families abreast of some of the happenings we are most proud of.

Paul T. Postorino


John F. Kennedy Memorial High School