Grading Policy

All student work will be comprised of major assessments (tests and projects) and minor assessments (homework and classwork). All student work will receive a numerical value.

  • 92-100 Performance significantly above curriculum standard
  • 83-91 Performance above curriculum standard
  • 74-82 Performance at curriculum standard
  • 65-73 Performance below curriculum standard
  • 64 or below Performance significantly below curriculum standard (failure)

All submitted student work will receive a minimum score of 50, unless determined by the teacher that little or no effort was made by the student, in which case a lower numerical mark may be given and recorded. If work is not submitted the value earned will be a 0.

Furthermore, when calculating marking period grades minor assessments will count as two-thirds (2/3) of the grade value and major assessments will count as one-third (1/3) of the marking period grade value.

The numerical average of major and minor assignments will be graded according to the following scale:

A+ = 98-100 A = 95-97 A- = 92-94

B+ = 89-91 B = 86-88 B- = 83-85

C+ = 80-82 C = 77-79 C- = 74-76

D+ = 71-73 D = 68-70 D- = 65-67

F = 64 and Below

   (A mark of 65 or higher shall constitute a passing mark.)

In addition to the scale above, the following marks may also appear on the report card:

  • P Pass
  • I Incomplete
  • E Withdrawn, failing
  • J Withdrawn, passing
  • L Loss of Credit
  • X Probation

Plagiarism - any work that is plagiarized will result in a grade of 0. For the first plagiarism offense a meeting with guidance, the teacher and the student will take place. The parent/guardian will be notified and it will be expected that the assignment be redone; however, the highest value to be earned after plagiarism is a 74. If there are subsequent offenses of plagiarism there will be a meeting with the parent/guardian and the assignment will receive a 0.

  • Finally, any situation involving cheating will result in a mark of zero (0).