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A new after-school snack program starts on February 17, 2021. All meal bags will contain an after-school snack On Monday, March 1, 2021 students will be returning to hybrid instruction. Rotation Group A students will attend school Mondays and Tuesdays. Rotation Group B students will attend school Thursdays and Fridays. Rotation Group C students will be completely virtual. All students will have remote learning on Wednesdays. All rotation groups will be the same and are listed in the parent portal for your reference. *School will begin at 8:45am and dismissal is 1:10pm. Students can get lunch in school. *There are no changes in transportation pickups and drop-offs - it will be the same as it was last time we were in school. Please contact the school directly if you wish to make any changes to your child’s schedule.
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Kelly Ivan
View the latest Title I District-Wide Parental Involvement Policy.
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Parent Survey Re-entry September
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