Principal's Message

The administration and staff at Colonia Middle School take pride in providing an exciting atmosphere for learning. We believe each child is capable of experiencing the highest possible level of success. This is possible through the dedication and commitment of the faculty, parents and students who work together as a team to provide the children with the opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and to become life-long learners who will live and thrive with diversity and interdependence.

The school community is excited that our school population is quite diverse, with students from many cultures represented. We are committed to a program of educational excellence for all students that takes place in an educational environment free from discrimination. Many of our students participate in clubs that promote uniqueness and tolerance of different cultures represented by our students. In addition, the Kids for Kindness Club, enjoys planning and carrying out community service projects to benefit the people of our neighborhood, including a Senior’s Prom, Intergenerational Bingo, and a Grandparent’s Day celebration. Our students have also participated in making Valentines for senior citizens, organized an anti-violence campaign and sponsored food drives during the holidays. This club has been recognized for their accomplishments, being named, “One of the Kindest Schools in New Jersey".

Our school provides a challenging curriculum for all students. Many students participate in advanced academic classes including Honors Language Arts and Math for all grade levels, and Honors Social Studies and Science for eighth grade students. Students have the opportunity to visit one of our technology labs as well as the opportunity to work in their classrooms with class sets of laptop and netbook computers and ipads all of which are connected to the Internet using a wireless connection. All classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and Apple TVs to enhance the ipad technology. All students at Colonia Middle School are very fortunate to be part of an exciting reading and writing program in grades six through eight. This curriculum was developed by analyzing the current strengths and weaknesses experienced by our students and developing a program designed to address these needs. To date, the program is experiencing great success. In addition, we have also implemented new Math, Science, and Social Studies curricula. All students have the opportunity to participate in the IXL, Linkit! and ALEKS on-line programs that enable students to access NJSLA type questions in all tested areas in preparation for the state mandated test.

We are proud to provide equitable education for special education students by offering small group instruction and in-class support in all subject areas. In addition, these students may select a shared-time pre-vocational program at Woodbridge Vocational and Technical High School.

This past year, Colonia Middle School was recognized by the New Jersey School Boards' Association as an innovator in special education. Our Friday's Friends program focuses on integrating our special needs population into our general education population through a variety of learning experiences was awarded the highest honors. This program is being offered as an eighth grade elective due to its popularity.

Our school’s success is due in part to an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). This organization is a supportive group that has generously provides funding for class trips, social activities, agenda planners, and building projects. Our very successful PTO organizes several events throughout the year, including a school carnival, book fairs, and a tricky tray. We encourage all families to become members of this valuable association.

Our website is a valuable tool. Parents can access our School Wires account to stay informed of homework assignments on a daily basis. Our website also keeps parents informed of upcoming activities and events. Communication is a key ingredient for student success. Teachers, counselors and administrators are always available for parent conferences and appointments may be made through the Guidance Department. Each child’s school counselor is also available to assist in career planning. A Child Study Team consisting of a school psychologist, social worker and a learning disabilities teacher consultant is available for students in need of an individualized educational plan.

The students remain actively involved in a variety of sports teams and clubs. Seasonally, students are compete with other district middle schools on our baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, bowling, track, and cheer teams. Other groups meet regularly throughout the school year such as Homework Club, Newspaper Club, Sports Club, Band, Chorus, Drama, Math, World Language, Yearbook, and Audio Visual Clubs, Peer Tutoring, and Student Council. We encourage all students to participate in a club to promote unity within our school.

It is our goal at Colonia Middle School that all students experience success. Students are continually recognized for their efforts and accomplishments. We are determined to provide students with the opportunity to develop an awareness of his/her strengths and improve on their weaknesses. We provide a positive atmosphere that is conducive for learning and based on respect. It is our intent that all students at Colonia Middle School be proud of their accomplishments and strive for excellence.

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Cindy Lagunovich

Colonia Middle School