Useful Links

  • College Degrees Online

    You can find colleges with online degrees in any state in the United States. We have a database of 2,500+ colleges offering hundreds of thousands of degrees at all levels - from Associates to Bachelors for undergraduate, and Masters and Doctoral graduate programs.


  • Online MBA

    Our seven-part guide familiarizes individuals with their business school options while guiding them through the selection and application process. We also offer state-specific resources exploring the MBA and business landscape in each state to advise individuals on local options for a quality business education.


  • Accounting Degree Online Guide


  • Best Colleges

    College is a major investment in your future. Your degree can unlock doors to a rewarding and lucrative career. Our series of industry reports is designed to help you choose a path forward. Learn about opportunities for all degree levels.


  • Business Degree Online Guide


  • College Degrees More Valuable Than Ever (Article)


  • College Planning Guide

    The new College Students Study Guide includes an expert interview by Amy D’Aprix. The guide also includes time management suggestions, tips on taking and formatting notes, and exposes students to additional study resources available.


  • Colleges that Change Lives

    CTCL is regarded as a leading advocate on the subject of higher education access and college choice. In additional to the resources available through this web site, CTCL offers printed materials and numerous outreach efforts to students, families, college counselors, schools and education agencies.

    CTCL was founded on a philosophy of building the knowledge, character and values of young people by introducing them to a personalized and transformative collegiate experience. Although the member colleges approach this challenge with varying perspectives, institutional missions, and pedagogical strategies, a student-centered mission is common to all campuses. As an organization, CTCL will provide information and the opportunity to pursue a best-fit college to all students regardless ofrace, color, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, marital status, disability, military status, or any other means by which a student could be discriminated.


  • Consumer Affairs: Job Sites

    Few things have fundamentally changed the ways people look for employment more than the Internet. With employers worldwide now posting job openings online, job seekers have more access to employment opportunities than ever.

    Job sites offer features for employers and potential employees alike. From online hubs to streamline potential employee evaluation to resources for help with resumes and cover letters, job sites now form a central part of the employment process.


  • Finance Degree Online Guide


  • Guide to Choosing an Online College in New Jersey

    Our comprehensive resource includes:

    • The most affordable online colleges in New Jersey, including the most complete program-level information available on the web
    • A curated list of scholarships available to New Jersey students, along with a database of nearly 20,000 general scholarships.
    • A searchable database of all accredited online colleges in New Jersey


  • In Like Me-College Planning Site

    InLikeMe is a FREE Resource Hub designed to bring together the disparate aspects of the college planning, application and student aid processes in one practical, easy-to-use site.


  • Job Applications Online

    This site provides job resources and online applications for restaurants, retail and department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and companies in many different industries. This is a useful resource for students seeking part time employment. JobApplicationsOnline.com also offers a scholarship.


  • Learn How to Become

    LearnHowToBecome.org is a comprehensive career resource with a mission to help students and aspiring professionals understand what it takes to land their perfect career.


  • Mastering College Admissions: The Common Application

    Get ahead of the curve on college admissions with FREE expert advice and tricks for the Common Application.


  • My Next Move

    Use this link to explore career options.


  • myCollegeOptions

    Search for college and scholarship information. Juniors who completed the myCollegeOptions survey will be able to access their profile for a list of college matches.


  • National Career Development Association

    Internet sites for career planning that include many resources, services, and tools which assist users in exploring careers, planning for the future, searching for employment, and finding the additional training necessary to pursue a dream. Most of these resources are free, and several were developed in countries other than the United States. This is a mere sample of what is available online, but it can serve as a starting point for career counselors or for career-seekers.


  • Online College Database: Directory of U.S. Colleges

    The College Database has created a no-cost resource dedicated to higher education in New Jersey. The goal of the page is to help high school students and their families’ research and identify campus, online and hybrid learning opportunities in the state that fit their needs. The New Jersey guide includes a complete look at the state's community colleges, public universities, private colleges, technical schools, and distance learning options. College hopefuls can then find potential schools using our proprietary search tool, which allows quick and accurate searching by institution type, setting, size, city and cost. Students can also see the best colleges in New Jersey for current and future service members, student-teacher ratio, women in technology, and return on investment.


  • Online Schools Guidebook

    A leading-edge tool that will compare up to four schools, making it easier to see the pros and cons in each educational path. Beyond that, the guide holds a wealth of information about colleges- the best colleges in 2016, online college majors offered, and a list of online colleges by state.


  • Road2College

    Road2College is dedicated to providing trustworthy information, resources, and an independent voice to help families navigate college admissions and financing.


  • The Best Colleges

    Our mission is to help you get the best education possible. We rank schools in your major so that you can make a smart college choice. Browse around our ratings and choose the colleges or universities that meet your needs.


  • The Ultimate Guide to Trade and Vocational Schools

    Our guidebook offers in-depth information regarding the education required, different career path options, and schools to choose from.


  • University Visitors Network

    University Visitors Network is a valuable resource providing you with print, online, and mobile university guides for over 45 universities in the U.S.


  • You Visit: College Virtual Tours

    YouVisit's virtual tours use immersive media to give students the ability to visit thousands of colleges from their computer or mobile device. These tours are compatible with YouVisit's virtual reality platform, which lets students explore campuses in a 3D environment.