Should I Take AP Courses? Try the AP Savings Calculator

Students often struggle understanding why they should take AP courses.It’s hard to explain the benefits of a rigorous, AP course load when students already have a number of extracurricular activities and personal matters going on in their high school lives. The sheer idea of an AP course can be viewed as an additional responsibility to the many things they have to juggle.

It can be difficult to convince students to work hard in the present for the sake of an abstract future, so we created the AP Savings Calculator to make the value of AP classes more concrete and obvious.

The AP Savings Calculator takes the AP credit policies of over 1,000 public and private universities and allows students to project how much they could save with their AP scores.

Helping a student understand how their AP performance can impact how much they spend on college can serve as the “lightbulb” moment for them to decide to take three AP exams instead of one or two. Even one more exam can mean the difference between a student applying to only safety schools or applying to a few target and reach schools due to their stellar AP performance.

You will find this tool immensely helpful for guiding student course load planning sessions, parent conferences, and in collaborating with your AP staff.

Even if you’re already confident that your AP students understand the importance of the APs, this calculator can serve as a resource for them to create personalized AP savings reports that they can then proudly show their parents.