School Counseling Department

The Avenel Middle School counseling department provides a variety of services for students, parents and teachers. Each student is assigned a counselor upon entering the middle school. Counselors are available to assist students through their middle school careers. In order to ensure a smooth transition from grade to grade and school to school, counselors provide integral information to students at each grade level. Support is also provided to new students to help orient them to AMS. Support groups are provided to students on a needed basis in the areas of developing self-esteem, peer relationships, changing family, and bereavement. The counselors also work closely with the school's SAC counselor in identifying students with substance issues.

Through the various standardized tests given, data is gathered concerning student level of achievement, abilities, aptitude and/or career interests. Counselors are available to interpret this information to students, parents and teachers. Based upon student abilities, interests, future goals and realistic needs, counselors will help students select the best possible courses for the next year.

Career information, vocational information files and audio-visual career awareness materials are available through counselors to assist with future plans.

In addition, the counselors work closely with all specialized personnel in the school and the community in order to meet the educational and social needs of the students they serve. Services of outside agencies are recommended to parents when appropriate. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's counselor whenever they deem it necessary.

You will find that if you take advantage of the services of the Counseling Department, your experiences at Avenel Middle School will be much more rewarding. The counselors are here to help you.

Mrs. C. Kromphold 732-596-4072


Mr. J. Valenti 732-596-4071


***Mr. Valenti will be covering for Mrs. Meade while she is out on family leave.

Mr. J. Valenti:

Grade 6: A-L (last name)

Grade 7: A-L

Grade 8: A-L

Mrs. C. Kromphold:

Grade 6: M-Z (last name)

Grade 7: M-Z

Grade 8: M-Z

Mrs. J. Wronski(Social & Emotional Counselor) 732-568-5689