Medication In School

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I CANNOT ADMINISTER, OR ALLOW STUDENTS TO ADMINISTER, ANY MEDICATION WITHOUT A DOCTOR'S ORDER. This includes Tylenol, Motrin, inhalers, Benedryl. If you child will require any medications in school, please click one of the following links to retrieve the paperwork that needs to be filled out by his or her physician.

Asthma Treatment Plan All students diagnosed with Asthma are required to have an Asthma Treatment Plan on file and any medications that accompany it.

Food Allergy Emergency Plan All students with Anaphylactic Allergies are required to have an Allergy Emergency Treatment Plan on file and accompanying medications.

Medication In School Form Any medications required for students to be taken in school (prescription or over-the-counter) must have a doctor's order.

Note: Medications needed in school must be brought to the School Nurse in their original container and must match the doctor's order form. Medical orders must be renewed for each school year.