A physical is required for participation in a sport. Physicals are good for 365 calendar days. Athletes must print out the physical form (see below as the district form is the only physical form accepted). PHYSICALS MUST BE SIGNED, STAMPED AND DATED BY A PHYSICIAN OR THEY ARE INVALID!

All paperwork for fall sports must be properly reviewed and approved. Please keep in mind that after completed paperwork is received at school, it still needs to get sent to the SCHOOL PHYSICIAN to be approved. That is why even when you turn in a physical, your child may not participate until it has come back from the SCHOOL PHYSICIAN. Make sure ALL forms, including STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS form, are completed. Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted and will be returned to your child. Please note that if your child has asthma or has a severe allergy, then a completed Asthma Action Plan and/or Allergy Plan must be turned in as well or your child will not be able to try out for sports. In addition, concussion, cardiac, and health history forms MUST be completed by the parent for each sport the child is participating in.

For students returning to AMS that have an approved sports physical that will not expire before try outs in September:

If your child's sports physical has not expired then it is still valid for the fall sports season, however the Health History Update Form (see below) must be completed. Also, medication orders for Asthma and Allergy Plans need to be completed for each school year. Please be advised that all essential paperwork must be submitted for your child to be eligible to try out for sports.

Please make duplicate copies of all forms for your personal records.

Please review/print/complete the following documents:

Sports Physical Letter To Parents

Sports Physical Updated 2015

Health History Update

Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet

Pamphlet Sign Off Sheet

Concussion Form