Information for 2019-2020 Calculus Students

  • To all 2019-2020 AP Calculus AB students:
    Here is the summer assignment as well as some information about the first day and week of school. All students are required to do this assignment and hand it in on the first day of school, September 4, 2019: 2019 Calculus AB Summer Assignment. Along with that, you will need the questions, which are in this document: Summer Assignment Questions
    A note about calculators:
    The Calculator we will be relying on in AP Calculus (AB, BC, and Calculus 3) is the Texas Instruments TI-89 calculator. These calculators will be provided to any student that wants to borrow one for the semester (or full year, for BC students). Some students prefer to own their calculator and want to buy one over the summer. This is certainly allowed.
    There is, however, one thing to consider before you purchase a TI-89 calculator. Because it is such a powerful calculator, it is prohibited on some standardized tests and in some college classes. The ACTs, for example, do not permit use of the TI-89 due to its Computer Algebra System (CAS). So, while the TI-89 is a phenomenal calculator (the best on the market, in my opinion), you might want to research whether this particular calculator is allowed at your preferred colleges before you make the decision to purchase one.
    Here is the final Memorization list that you will ultimately be responsible for.
    Google classroom class code: z2m5ppw Class Enrollment Code will be forthcoming