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    Hello and Welcome to my eBoard.
    Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @WHSModeszto. I tweet out the student homework assignments as well as putting them on Genesis, the class blackboard, and my school wires page.
    I also use the Remind App for homework/upcoming tests/other important info. Just text @gcc732 to the number 81010 and you're in.
    I also upload class notes (daily) and any class work we may do on the school wires page. STUDENTS (or parents), please go to the appropriate class on my school wires page and you will find any and all notes and such you may have missed due to an absence or activity that prevented you from being in class. I will upload test reviews the day we test on the previous chapter. It would be best if you gave yourself access to this review (either print or write it out) so you can fill it out and question any items that you may struggle with AS WE GO THROUGH THE CHAPTER. 
    STUDENTS: I am looking forward to being your teacher. I expect you to follow our school rules (no phones/eating in class), come prepared (please bring a pen with you) and have a notebook, preferable the kind where you can tear out pages.
    PARENTS: Any questions, don't hesitate to call or email. I am a parent too. I get it. 

    Thank you,
    Chris Modeszto
    teacher of Social Studies