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    Dr. Zega

    Robert Zega, Ed.D.

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    Superintendent’s Summer Message 2017


    For anyone who works in education, the last days of the school year are bittersweet.  All year long, we count the days until summer.  Then at the end of June, on the brink of summer, we can’t believe how fast the year went and how much we’ll miss our students.  We anticipate the end of the year all year long, and when it gets here, we’re sorry we don’t have more time.

    It has been another great year for Woodbridge. We have made tremendous strides in academics and arts.  Our facilities are some of the best in New Jersey.  We passed a bond referendum that will improve the entire district.  The unprecedented cooperation between our board of education and the municipality, especially with Mayor McCormac, has made the Woodbridge Township School District the envy of the state.

    We have made substantial advances in technology over the past few years.  Just five years ago, we had less than 3,000 internet devices and very limited wireless capability.  We now have over 13,000 devices with unlimited wireless capability and internet access.  We have plans to expand our wireless access infrastructure, to increase our iPad inventory, and to continue to increase the level of digital literacy of our staff and students.

    These accomplishments are only possible through the tireless efforts of our district’s administrators, dedicated teachers, and our board of education.  Under board president Dan Harris’ leadership, the board has provided vision and courageous leadership, volunteering their efforts to ensure that our students have unsurpassed curriculum, technology, and facilities.

    I would like to wish all students, families, administrators, teachers, and support staff a safe, restful, and fun-filled summer.  Recharge, refresh, and relax.  September will be here before you know it and we have plenty of work to do to outdo last year.  And don’t forget your summer reading!

    All the best,

    Robert Zega, Ed.D.
    Proud Superintendent of Woodbridge Schools
    Summer 2017