Welcome APES Updated 1/15/20

    Hello everyone, I am looking forward to our class.  I want you to join our google classroom.  I will post our first weeks hw packet and suggested readings.  I also want to give you a ES text so you can have avaiable so you can start reading in preparation for our class and exam.  Come see me afterschool this week to get a jump start.  I am often in the science wing.

    Google Classroom Codes

    APES Block 1   4nkraen

    APES Block 2   jknuihi

    APES Block 3   upcyw6g

    Please sign up for Remind 101
    Text the following number 81010      
    Text the following    @apesre
    It is imperative you sign up for Remind 101 updates in order to prepare for the class.  If you do not sign up or cannot, please see me ASAP.  (6/10/19) updated 
    We will be having a test that is very similar to the first two chapters of the book above upon the start of class.   
    Have a wonderful break.
    Mr. Viteri