Mrs. Ellen Paloti
    Student Assistance Counselor 2019-2020 (Interim for Mrs. Sikora-Maternity leave)
    SAC Office: (732) 602-8683
    About The Teacher/SAC
    B.A. English/Secondary Education Kean University 2009
    M.A. School Counselor/SAC Certification Kean University 2019
    Classes Taught:
    English 12 S
    SAT Prep/Boot Camp
    English 9 Honors

    I am proud to say I am a life long resident of Woodbridge Township as well as
    a former student of John. F. Kennedy Memorial High School. As I look back on the
    four years I spent at John. F. Kennedy Memorial High School, I am reminded of
    how hard it was to be a high school student. In fact, I would partially
    attribute my passion for teaching and counseling to an underlying desire to ease
    the “growing pains” in just one student’s high school experience.

    I began my teaching experience in Woodbridge Township at Avenel Middle
    School, where I was fortunate enough to perform my student teaching, as well
    as work as a substitute teacher for two years. There, I had the
    opportunity to learn from some of the greatest teachers I know. Upon
    graduating from Kean University, I was lucky enough to return to my alma mater 
    and once again call John. F. Kennedy Memorial High School “home”. 
    I hope that I can help to make each of my students' experience at John. F.
    Kennedy Memorial High School one that can be reflected back on with
    reminiscent enchantment and that they walk away with a great
    understanding of literature and life. 

    Mission Statement
    To develop and cultivate in you, the belief that you can do whatever you put
    your mind to. To create a class that becomes a community of learners; one
    that is relevant, engaging and sharpens your skills as a student. To foster
    in you the belief in your ability as a learner and a leader who is capable of
    accomplishing great things.