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    Classroom Rules:

              The classroom rules are based on ideas, or concepts, which are believed to make an optimal learning environment.  If the classroom rules are violated then the optimal learning environment does not exist; these violations will not be tolerated.  The student/students that violate the classroom rules will be punished accordingly.  Moreover, violation of any school’s rules during class will also lead to appropriate punishment as well.  The classroom rules are as follows.


    1       Students are to be seated in their desks at the sound of the bell.  Students will stay seated and be prepared until dismissed by the teacher.  (No “packing-up” early will be tolerated.)  Block scheduling is 85 minutes long, not 80 or 84 and a 1/2.
         Idea/Concept: The entire class-time should/will be used for instruction.

    2       At the beginning of every class the teacher/s will greet the students with “Good morning/Good afternoon” (according to the appropriate time of the day).  The students will greet the teacher/s in response.
         Idea/Concept: Relationships are built on mutual respect and mutual effort.

    3       There will be no talking during class.  Students will only speak after having raised their hand, and have been acknowledged by the teacher to speak.  Although students are encouraged to participate in class discussions, otherwise students should never speak aloud.

            Idea/Concept: Learning is naturally accomplished by watching and listening,

    Not speaking!

    4       Students will not leave his/her seat at any time unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  No student will ever throw any object (even into the garbage). 
    Students will not create a disturbance.

    Idea/Concept: Students standing/walking around the room create a distraction
                                 to other students and also to the teacher(s).


    5       Students will not taunt/tease, disrespect, or discriminate against another student. 
    These infractions include verbal and non-verbal actions.
         Idea /Concept: An uncomfortable student does not learn as well as a comfortable

    6       Every student will relax, enjoy, and most importantly learn.
         Idea/Concept: It can be a very strict class, however follow the rules and you
                            will find out that the teacher(s) are approachable, fun, and very
                            interested in your success.




    Consequences for Violations of the Classroom Rules

              A student will have two excusable violations per week. The third violation results in an office detention.  Violations, as you have read, can range from talking without permission, to teasing other students.  The most serious or contemptible violations, of course, will directly in an office detention.

    Policy on accumulation is as follows; if a student violates any of the classroom rules during a week, the teacher will note the date and the offense.  If your total is three violations during said week, you will have a detention.  If your total is less than three, those violations are erased.  However, if your total is more than three, the balance of those violations will carry over into the next week.  As you know, failure to show at office detentions will result in suspension.

    1.      Two detentions will result in a phone-call to your home form Mr. Migacz.

    2.      If a consistent behavioral problem exists a parent teacher conference will be called by the teachers to discuss the issue(s).


    Behavioral Contract


              Behavioral Contract is an agreement between the teachers, the student, and the parent/guardian that ensures that everyone immediately involved with the student’s education understands what is expected of the student’s discipline.


                       I (the student) have read and understood the rules and according punishments for this class.  I agree to these rules and punishments set forth. 

                                          Student Name (print) ______________________________

                                          Student Signature       ______________________________

                                          Date                                                   _____/____/_____


                       I (the parent/guardian) have read and understood the rules and according punishments for this class.  I agree for my child to be subject to these rules and punishments set forth.  I also understand that I can affect this student’s classroom discipline and education from home.  I will help with my child’s classroom discipline to the best of my abilities.

                                          Parent Name (print) ______________________________

                                          Parent Signature       ______________________________

                                          Date                                                   _____/____/_____


    Teachers’ Signature         ______________________________



    Classroom Expectations:
    R- Respond in appropriate manner (to everyone)
    E- Excellence ONLY! (no sloppy work or excuses, be on task)
    S- Stay in your own personal space (and out of others)
    P- Pay Attention and Participate!
    E- Encourage - not discourage others
    C- Come prepared to learn! (materials, attitude & on time)
    T- Take responsibility for your actions