• Bienvenidos a Español

    Spanish Native Speakers

    Level 1

    Description of the class.

    This class is being designed for students that speak Spanish but need help with grammar and writing.  It is also designed to provide students with more knowledge about their culture, their countries and their heritage. The purpose of this class is to help students with their pronunciation and to improve writing and reading.  Students have been working with literature, current events, and have been conducting open discussions about today’s news on Spanish Speaking Countries, such as Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.  Priorities are to improve skills in spelling, grammar and vocabulary.  In addition, there was also the opportunity to work one on one with their pronunciation, and make corrections with accents and anglicisms.  This class is taught entirely in Spanish where students have a chance to listen to the target language, and also practice what they already know.  Students have the opportunity to speak, read, analyze literature, and complete activities entirely in the target language.