• Welcome to Intro to Visual Art              


    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso


    In Intro to Art you will learn the foundations of art. We will focus on drawing, painting, and 3 dimensional forms. You will learn different artistic techniques, look at different artists and learn to talk about art using correct the terminology. Intro to Art is an introduction to what the art world has to offer. 

    Expectations & Behavior

    You should be on time EVERY DAY and prepared for class. You will be respectful towards one another. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated. You will participate in critiques by showing your work as well as discussing the work of others. Complete all homework by the assigned due date. If you complete an assignment before the end of class, you may work in your sketchbook or other art assignments. You are NOT to work on homework from other classes. If you are doing work from another class, you will lose participation credit for the day.

    Our Daily Routine & Class Rules

    ·         Once you enter the classroom, place all of your personal belongings, books, etc. on the shelves provided. You should only have your sketchbook and pencil at your seat.

    ·         When you arrive to class, get to your assigned seat and begin the Do Now.

    ·         It is your responsibility to check the board to see the daily objectives and begin the Do Now.

    ·         When I address the class, you should end your own conversations and give me your complete attention.

    ·         When discussing work, you will give your full attention to the student speaking.

    ·         During class, I will be walking around the room speaking to students individually. When I am working with another student, please do not interrupt. There are many students and only one teacher.

    ·         Each table is responsible for returning all materials. Missing or damaged materials, such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, will result in loss of participation credit for the day.

    ·         Tables need to be cleaned before the end of block.

    ·         Raise your hands when asking questions or answering them. Calling out or yelling will not be tolerated.

    ·         While the art room is more relaxed than other classes, there should not be loud talking or yelling across the room. You can talk with the students at your table in a low tone.

    ·         All JFK High School rules are the same in the art room as they would be in any classroom. No drinking, eating or gum chewing allowed. Any cell phones or iPods seen out during class will be taken to the main office. A parent or guardian will be called to retrieve it.

    ·         Materials will be laid out for you so there is no need for students to go through the cabinets. If you need something just ask.

    ·         The art room is not a basketball court. If you shoot ANYTHING in the garbage like a basketball star and make it, I will only take off 50 points for participation for the day. If you miss, you get a 0.



    I am your art teacher, not your maid. As high school students, you are expected to clean up after yourselves and properly clean the materials you use. Materials in the art room are not cheap and can be permanently damaged if not properly cleaned and stored.  At the end of class you are to put your materials back CLEANED, wipe down your table (if necessary) and pick up any scraps that may have fallen on the floor during the block. Failure to do so will affect your participation grade for the day. While cleaning your work space, it is also very IMPORTANT to save any usable materials. Please do not waste materials, only take what you need. You can always go back to get more.

    Supplies You Will Need

    ¡  Spiral Bound Sketchbook (8 ½” x 11”)

           About 100 pages

           White paper, no lines

           WIRE spiral bound

           Hard cover preferred

    ¡  Folder with Pockets

    ¡  No 2 Pencil (Art pencil set optional)

    ¡  Eraser

    ¡  Pencil Sharpener

    ¡  12 inch ruler (metal or plastic)

    ¡  Box or pouch to keep it all together


    Optional Supplies:

    I recommend "Prismacolor" colored pencils or a brand of the same quality with soft leads for layering techniques.

    These need to be with you in class every day. It counts towards class participation and failing to have your supplies will affect your participation grade for the day. If you have problems getting a sketchbook, please see me. These items may be purchased at the AC Moore in Linden on Rte 1 N, www.dickblick.com, Michael’s Arts & Crafts, or www.amazon.com.



    Art is subjective to personal interpretation. You are not graded on talent. You ARE graded on participation and behavior. You receive a daily participation grade. This includes Do Nows, behavior throughout the block, preparation and clean up, and effort on the project. You are also graded on minor projects, quizzes, homework, sketchbook assignments, critique, major projects, and writing assignments/samples.

    When we begin a major project, you receive a handout outlining information about the project and what you are graded on when you finish the piece. Throughout the project, if you have questions, or problems arise, please ask! That is what I am here for.  You are also required to complete a rubric. You will assess your finished piece, the process, and overall views of the assignment. The rubric is handed in with your assignment and graded.

    If you hand in an assignment late, the grade is dropped 5 points for each day it is not turned in.  After three days you will receive a zero for that project. It is your responsibility to remember to bring it to class.

    I am looking forward to a great semester with all of you!