Forensic Science (R) with Ms. Crego, Fall 2019

    Textbook:   Forensic Science: Advanced Investigations.  South-Western. Centage Learning. 2012. Print.  Students will keep assigned textbook at home

    Course Approach:   The course is presented in a flipped classroom that uses the blended-learning.  In this format, students prepare for class by becoming familiar with vocabulary and basic concepts through homework assignments (reading, video, slide presentations) and work on more difficult skills and concepts in the classroom by engaging in discussion, collaboration and activities.

    Classroom Goals:  The goal of this course is to help students increase analytical skills through critical thinking activities and are generally interactive/hand-ons in nature (small and large group discussion, simulation, modeling, role-play, research, multimedia).  Students can get the most out of the course when they bring to class the knowledge that focus, imagination, collaboration, role-play, creativity, perseverance, persistence and thoroughness are key to their success. (See below "FORENSIC SCIENCE PARENT LETTER" which your student received in class and was asked to bring home for your signature.)


    Learning Objective: To understand the principles of scientific investigation and apply them to when answering questions about the crime scenes and criminal activity.

    Earning a Grade:

    HOMEWORK:  All assignments are posted in the Google classroom. The goal of homework is to prepare student for class activities by having completed reading assignments, online simulations, viewed videos or other online materials, organized information for use in class and completed written assignments via the Google classroom.  */ **&&

    CLASSWORK: The goal of classwork is to apply and widen knowledge gained through homework activities in hands-on activities, discussion, collaboration, and student presentations. **&

    MAJOR ASSESSMENTS: The goal of major assessments is to assess student learning which is highly dependent on engagement and participation in homework and classwork activities.  Announcements are posted in the Google classroom 3 – 5 days in advance of a test; projects are posted with due dates at the time of assignment.**

    Major Grades

    Marking Period 1: 

    Topics:  Procedures of crime scene investigation, laboratory techniques; arson and fire, explosions, Autospy

    Projects: "True Crime" novel - Book Report

    Tests                    Chapter(s) Covered                          Date

     Test 1:        Chpt 1                                                  Sept 18, 2019

    Test 2:        Chpt 2                                                          TBD

    Test 3:        Chpt 3                                                          TBD

    Test 4:        Chpt 4                                                          TBD

    Test 5:        Chpt 5                                                          TBD

    Test 6:        Chpt 6, 7, 8                                                  TBD


     Marking Period 2: Innocence Project Research

    Topics:  Alcohol & Poisions; DNA; Odontology; Entomology; Criminal Profiling

    Project:  TBD

    Tests                    Chapter(s) Covered                          Date

     Test 1:        Chap 9                                                         TBD

    Test 2:         Chpt 10                                                       TBD

    Test 3:        Chpt 11                                                        TBD

    Test 4:        Chpt 12                                                        TBD

    Test 5:        Chpt 15                                                        TBD

    How to be Successful


    be open to learning

    set goals

    be prepared

    work harder

    complain less

    teach others

    show gratitude

    share credit                                                                                                                                                                                       choose kindness                                                                                                                                                  volunteer first                                                                                                                                                     unselfishly give

    trust first

    good manners                

    promote others

    love to explore

    be a storyteller

    love to compete

    (This list has been taken, in part, from Warren Buffett’s list, “15 Habits of Lucky People”.)




    Bring to class:  Pens and Pencils, lined paper for note-taking (in addition to the composition book), folder for handouts.  Optional: colored pencils, 3" x 5" index cards (extra credit

    Supplies needed at home: computer or device with a keyboard connected to the internet (if not available at home, these devices are available every day after school at JFK), unlined paper; poster paper, colored pencils or pens, glue and scissors.

    Grading Policy and Assessments: 

    *Most homework is assigned via the Google classroom and assignments are due by 8AM on the next school day, unless otherwise indicated. *Late assignments will not accepted on a late basis (not submitted by deadline/those left a home/not done or in locker).  If circumstances beyond your control  prevent a student from completing a homework assignment, your parent or guardian may call your guidance counselor who will relate the information to me.  Only then, will I work about a plan to make-up the missing assignment.

    **Printer failures at home are not an acceptable excuse for not having done the assignment; hand written work will be accepted without loss of credit in such cases.  Lack of appropriate device is not a reason for not having done an assignment. Computers are available every day after school for student use.   Projects and other assignments are due on the due date at the beginning of class.

    **&Students who leave before their class period (sports, illness, club activities) are responsible for turning in their work, due on that date, to Ms. Crego, or the main office, before they leave for the day.

    **&&Make-up and missing work (work you can't/didn't turn in) will not be discussed during class sessions. Check the Google classroom, check with a classmate, and only then email for missed work. All make-up quizzes and tests are in the café between 7:00 AM and 7:50 AM, by appointment,  by email at cathryn.crego@woodbridge.k12.nj.us .



    • be on time for class or come late with a pass.
    • on-time homework, classwork and projects.
    • charging your chromebook is part of your homework and must be in class every day (it's worth on test grade of 100% when brought to all class meeting throughout a marking period; grade decreases by one letter grade, each time the chromebook is missing or has "died".)
    • chromebook is closed or at "half-mast" until directed to do otherwise
    • cell phones and earphones/ear buds are not to be out of your pocket or used in class unless directed to do so.

    Discipline Policy

      It is expected that students will demonstrate responsibility by following classroom rules at all times. Behavior not aligned with these expectations will result in disciplinary measures as outlined in the student handbook.