• Classroom Contract


    Integrated Science “integrates” or combines various types of physical and sciences, such as chemistry and physics.  We will cover topics like energy, motion, pH, temperature, and matter. Basic math and algebraic skills will be used to solve equations.  Please let me know if you have any problems with the material presented.  


    1. Be on time.  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings and I walk through the door, you are considered to be late for class (unless you have a pass).


    1. Do not talk while I am talking or while one of your classmates is talking.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.


    1. No cursing or name calling.  You are to treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times.


    1. All work is to be your work.  In other words there is no tolerance for cheating or plagiarism.


    1. You are not allowed to be out of your seat unless you have been given permission.


    1. No sport bags are permitted.  All pocketbooks/handbags are to be placed on the back of the chair or on your bookrack. They are not allowed on the desk or in your  lap.



    1. Come prepared to class EVERYDAY with your binder, textbook, pen or pencil, highlighter, and Chromebook fully charged.  It is highly recommended that you have a three-ring binder for this class.  You may use a personal electronic device to take notes when applicable.


    1. Beverages and/or food are NOT allowed at any time in this classroom.  This is a STATE LAW because this classroom is a laboratory.


    1. There will always be some task or information projected on the whiteboard or written on the blackboard (i.e. Do Now or Homework).  Make sure you write it down or complete the assignment.


    1. Homework is collected at the beginning of the period.  Have it in the basket before I start class.


    1. You are NOT allowed to change your seat unless you have been given permission.  Do NOT sit anywhere else except according to the seating chart.


    1. Bathroom Procedure- no passes will be given at the beginning of the period.  The bathrooms are open in between classes. You are to go before you enter this classroom.  Please try not to interrupt us while we are in the middle of lecture/discussion/explanation etc. to ask for a pass.  Please wait until we are finished.  

    If you are absent from school, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed and to make up any assignments.  There will be an absentee folder on the desk. In it will be copies of any handouts or worksheets that you missed. Also, check GOOGLE CLASSROOM for any other assignments that were due or quizzes that were taken. You receive 2 days for every 1 day you are absent to hand in the missed assignments.