• Welcome to Ms. Lin's Website.
    My name is Wendy Lin.
    I started teaching Chinese in the Woodbridge Township School District in 2006.
     I came from Taiwan, ROC and earned Master's degrees in Education and in Computer Science from the USA.
    I authored Chinese curriculum for the Woodbridge and Marlboro school districts, Mid-Jersey Chinese school,
     and the books
    "Chinese for Children" 
    "Practical Chinese" book series, for beginners I & II, and level I ~ level VIII 
     "Daily Chinese"
    "Games for Learning Chinese"
    "Chinese Learning Games 10 in 1"
    For more information about my publishing you can go to my website
     I started teaching at the Brookdale Community College in 2014
    School year 2019 - 2020

    I will be in 


    S1 AM duty Door #9  
    S1 Block 1 Professional  
    Block 2 Room 216 Chinese 1
    Block 3 Cafe 2 3A
    Block 3 Cafe 2 3C
    Block 4 Room 216 Chinese 1
    S2 Block 1 Room 210  Chinese 4
    Block 2 Room 216 Chinese 3
    Block 3 Room 216 Chinese 2
    Block 4 Professional  
    You can contact me at:
    Email: yauwen.lin@woodbridge.k12.nj.us
     "Class 2017"
    Class 2018
    Chinese 4_2017-18/Chinese Honor Society Intuctees