Welcome to Mrs. Kenney's School Wires

    Please be sure to check my web page and notes frequently to find the latest regarding class assignments, school reminders and other areas of interest.  Additionally, if you have any questions, you can always contact me.  Barring internet connection issues, I check my e-mail daily and can be reached at: karen.kenney@woodbridge.k12.nj.us


    If you do not have access to MS Office, but still want to view the documents on any teacher web pages, there is an alternative!  Openoffice has a product that is compatible with all documents created by MS Office--AND it is a FREE DOWNLOAD.  Go to www.openoffice.org/ to check it out.  

    Dates to Remember
    September 4th - First Day of School
    September 23rd - Character Day & Old Clean Blankets
    September 24th - Pink Out Day & Donation for Breast Cancer Research
    September 25th - America / Armed Forces Day & Food Drive
    September 26th - Throwback Thursday & Tissue Boxes
    September 27th - Colonia Day, Ink Cartridges & Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief
    October 14th - No School
    November 4th  - 11th - No School
    November 28th & 29th - No School  

    Extra Help

    • Mornings or After school by prior arrangement