Linda Brennan
    Special Education English Teacher
    Intervention & Referral Services 
    Interact Club Co-Advisor
    SAT Supervisor
    E-mail:  linda.brennan@woodbridge.k12.nj.us
    Telephone Number: 732-396-2628 
    Office Hours:  I am available everyday BEFORE school at 7:15 A.M. and AFTER school in the Faculty Room by appointment.
    Interact Club: There are countless opportunities to experience success and develop pride through community service activities and projects.  Don't forget to click on my Interact Club tab for upcoming events.  
    “A volunteer is a person who can see what others cannot see; who can feel what most do not feel. Often, such gifted persons do not think of themselves as volunteers, but as citizens - citizens in the fullest sense; partners in civilization.”  ~ George H.W. Bush