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    How to Earn In-State Tuition at an Out-of-State College      


    In State Angels think there should be a resource that demystifies the process---shedding light on how to legitimately and predictably earn in-state status.  In-State Angels hopes to be that resource with information and solutions designed to help students explore and earn in-state tuition in states and universities across the country.

    While not every student is going to be a good candidate, those who are stand to save enormously and it can make all the difference between a student attending their 3rd choice college vs. 1st choice college.

    What makes a good candidate for in-state?
    The process favors those who are more mature and independent than average.

    Top factors that contribute to success:

    • a sincere intention to remain indefinitely in a new state after college
    • being financially responsible and at least partly self-supporting with student loans or otherwise
    • willingness to work at least a little bit while in school
    • openness to potentially going to school less than full-time for at least a year

    The more these factors are true for a student, the greater number of colleges are unlocked to a student.  

    Learn more about earning in-state:
    In-State 101
    Crash course guide how to get in-state tuition.

    State-by-state difficulty map
    50 states, 50 sets of rules.

    Free 1st Step
    A student can share a little about their unique situation, and we will tell them their next best step toward in-state.

    How much can a student save by earning in-state status?
    The national average is 13,310/year but can be as much as 29,662/year depending on the college.  Here are a few examples:

    University of Oregon: 20,970/year savings
    University of South Carolina: 18,282/year savings
    Montana State University: 14,589/year savings
    University of Texas: 25,044/year savings
    University of Arkansas: 12,090/year savings
    University of Washington: 21,117/year savings

    In-State Angels
    Founded 2011
    BBB A+ Rating
    Member of NACAC and HECA
    Has saved students over 4,500,000 in tuition to date