•                Mr. Chester

                This introductory biology course deals with the basic concepts of life processes. The student learns about the structures of various types of animals and plants and their relationship to each other. This course enables students to visualize all life as interrelated and interdependent.


    This course provides students with the fundamentals of the branches of chemistry as well as relationships between concepts and ideas within multiple topics. A laboratory approach emphasizing basic concepts including properties of matter, atomic and molecular structure, periodic trends, chemical reactions, molarity, stoichiometry, and gas laws will be covered.
     Chemistry!      Biology!
    I will be available for extra help both before and after school. Please let me know beforehand, if possible, to make sure I can be there on that day.
    Please feel free to contact me at daniel.chester@woodbridge.k12.nj.us with any questions or concerns that you may have.