• Mission Statement

    The mission of Port Reading School #9 is to engage the entire community in providing a learning environment that fosters interdependence, embraces change, and values diversity. We hope to develop, through a technology infused curriculum, lifelong learners who are responsible citizens prepared to enter the global society.

    The K-5 instructional program encompasses the following areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Science, World Languages, Computers, Guidance, Art, and Instrumental and Vocal Music. All course work and curricula at School #9 are aligned with state approved core curriculum standards.

    At School #9, on-going curriculum development ensures that students are engaged in effective learning programs. Students in Grades K-5 work with the Everyday Math Program. This research based program fosters problem solving skills through the use of an innovative spiral curriculum. The Language Arts curriculum, “The Reading and Writing Workshop,” is implemented in all grades. This program, which differentiates instruction, encourages children to become lifelong readers and writers in a student-centered environment.

    To meet our students’ individual needs, Port Reading School #9 offers Academic Support Instruction, Leveled Literacy Interventions, Speech, Child Study Team Services, Resource Center Services, In-class Support, Writers’ Challenge Group, On-line Course Work, OT/PT, Guidance and The Gifted and Talented Program. We also offer our upper grade students club electives centered around literacy development (e.g. Scrabble, Pictionary, Dead Poets Society, Flowcabulary, Taboo, Charades, etc.).

    As a part of a comprehensive education program, School #9 offers an Intramural Sports Program, Computer Club, Safety Patrols, and Student Council. All students may participate in our district’s nutritious breakfast and lunch programs. School #9 was recognized by the State Department of Agriculture and the NY Jets as one of New Jersey’s Fittest Schools. We were one of four schools that received the “Eat Right, Move More” Healthy School Award!

    Port Reading School has also continued a character education program. This program, which promotes positive character traits (e.g. trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship), was run in conjunction with a mentoring program. We believe these initiatives will further foster a familial atmosphere in our school.

    Port Reading School #9 reaches out to provide worthwhile family experiences. We offer the acclaimed Family Math, Family Writing, and Family Science programs in the evening. Our kindergarten children and their families are invited to participate in the PALS program, which promotes literacy skill development. Parents of kindergarten and first grade students can participate in a Word Building Program in which they are trained to work with their children using the same strategies teachers employ to promote reading development. Upper grade parents can learn, during the “Study Island Parent Workshop”, how to assist their children in using our NJASK skills review site (available to each Grade 3, 4 & 5 student). New Jersey Teacher to Teacher Consultants were invited to present NJASK activities to third and fourth grade students and their families. During American Education Week, parents are invited to school to teach a lesson about hobbies or skills that they would like to share.

    As part of a major technology initiative, our school infrastructure has been equipped with wireless Internet access in all classrooms. Lap top computers on a mobile cart are available for staff and students to use to access the Internet and enhance the curriculum. All students in Grades 3 – 5 have access to the Learnia and Study Island websites. These sites enable our staff to assess student progress on requisite skills. They also give our students an opportunity to further develop and practice the skills they need to succeed. In addition, many of our classrooms are equipped with Mimio/Smart Board technology. Last year through a generous contribution from our PTO students in Grades K-3 were also given access to the RAZ-KIDS on-line reading site. This site gave students access to a library of leveled readers and enabled teachers and parents to monitor student progress in literacy development. We encourage instructional activities that are infused with technology.

    A full-time nurse is assigned to our building to provide on-site care. Our nurse, the chief health and safety officer of the building, also teaches select education classes. School #9 partnered with the Visiting Nurses Association. Through this partnership, students are eligible to see a Nurse Practitioner, thus streamlining the process for students who need specific medical attention. A Safety Committee, comprised of members of our school community, meets regularly to ensure that our students have a secure and orderly school environment. Our annual “Safety Day” enables students to meet local first responders (e.g. Police, First Aid, Fire Fighters, etc.) in a relaxed, engaging and informative setting.

    In the area of academics, our chief indicator of performance is the NJASK. Once again our students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 scored above the state and District Factor Group averages in all areas of Language arts, Science and Math. In fact, over 47% of our students scored Advanced Proficient in Science while over 44% of our student population earned Advanced Proficient marks on Mathematics! These scores were made possible by outstanding teachers, cooperative parents and hard-working students. We will continue to strive for the highest levels of achievement for each and every student.

    Community service is highly valued at School #9. As part of a school-wide goal, each grade level selects and sponsors a service learning project to help our community. Kindergarten sponsored a fund raiser that provided equipment for a physically challenged child in our neighborhood. Grade 1 participated in a jump rope Jump-A-Thon to raise money for the American Heart Association. Grades 2 and 3 raised funds for a local animal shelter. Grade 4 donated hygiene products to a local community shelter. Grade 5 participated in a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Our entire student body also participated in a school-based American Cancer Society Relay for Life, in which over $4,000 was raised. In addition, students participated in various food drives for a local food pantry. Each project provided students with an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community, while teaching them that they can make a difference in the lives of others.

    Our PTO is an invaluable network of parents, teachers and community members committed to enhancing the learning experience of every student at School #9. The PTO’s diligent work provides funding for educational assemblies and field trips for the entire student body. The PTO also plans and implements a variety of extracurricular activities that help build a close knit learning community. Our annual Octoberfest, Field Day, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom and McDonalds Night name just a few.

    At School #9 we are committed to developing students who can successfully read, write and problem solve. We are equally committed to developing good character. We believe that, working together, we will continue to develop lifelong learners who will become positive, productive citizens in our community and beyond.

    Patricia Fitzgerald
    (732) 602-8409