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    Academic Competition Team The Academic Competition Team competes in "jeopardy" like tournaments with other high schools. This group meets on Thursday at 2:30 in room 112. To join, listen to the morning announcements, or read the electronic signs in the cafeterias. Come to the next meeting.


    Joshua Peitz

    Art Club Gives students an opportunity to participate in a variety of art activities, such as beautify the school and community projects. The Art club meets twice a month which is posted on the door in room 139. Listen to the morning announcements or look for a sign on the door of room 149 for the next meeting date.

    Justine Garcia

    Rebecca Schwartzstein

    Art Services Club This club assists the WHS community with signs, announcements, murals and any other artistic displays needed around the school. Meeting dates are on Tuesdays in room 120. Listen to the morning announcements or look for a sign on the door of room 120 for the next meeting date. Sign up at the next meeting. Jesse Angatia
    AV Club The purposes of this club is to provide the morning televised school news and announcements, and to videotape and edit important WHS school events. The club meets every morning in room 222. Richard Fitzpatrick
    Band (Marching Barrons) An extra-curricular activity, open to all students who play instruments or perform auxiliary units such as Honor /guard, Color Guard and Drill Team, meeting after school and performing at football games, parades and other approved events. The Marching Band participates in competitions, pep rallies, concerts, special community projects and events and festivals throughout the year.

    Jason Kohn

    Jennifer Kohn

    Barron Perspective The Barron Perspective is Woodbridge High School's newspaper, which is staffed and written by the students of Mr. O'Halloran's Journalism I and Journalism II courses. New issues of the Barron Perspective are published to the school website, and can be seen in cafeteria 125. If you are interested in journalism, please see Mr. O'Halloran in room 304. Brian O’Halloran
    Chamber Choir   Lisa Romero
    Chess Club The club is open to all students, experience is not necessary in the game of chess. A round robin tournament will be set up for all experienced students. The novice players will be given the opportunity to learn the game and pick up some strategies from the more experienced players. The club will normally meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Listen to the announcements for the first November meeting. Joseph Deluca
    Chinese Honor Society This club is to promote Chinese Language & Culture and give students an opportunity of reflecting & practicing their knowledge in Chinese outside of classrooms." Tiffeny Chen 
    Christian Club   Yamely Rivera
    Color Guard   Demcsak, Rebecca
    Drama Club The club allows students to participate in the world of theatre arts including acting, directing, creating a scene, stage management, and communicating with an audience. students also experience theatre appreciation by attending shows on Broadway, as well as critiquing each others work. The most important goal is simply for students to learn how to work together to create something that will entertain and inspire others. The club will meet weekly, usually on Wednesdays in room 150/ Auditorium. Listen to the morning announcements for the next meeting.

    Kelly Terrell

    Thomas Lynch

    Ecology Club The Ecology Club is dedicated to environmental awareness and a cleaner, safer earth. It is open to all students and meets on Tuesday’s in room D16. For meeting dates listen to the morning announcements or check for a sign on the door of D16. To join just show up at the next meeting.

    Thomas Picciano

    Scott Semmens

    El Dorado The "El Dorado" is the WHS literary and Art publication featuring the work of WHS students. See Ms. Kreisel if interested in becoming part of this team. They meet on Thursdays in room 308. To join, listen to the morning announcements and come to the next meeting. Judith Kreisel
    English as a Second Language (ESL) Club The ESL Club provides support to students whose first language is not English. The Club is open to all students at WHS.  It allows linguistically diverse students to meet and further their learning of the English language by socializing with native speakers of English. Club activities include promoting vocabulary and language skills, the exploration of American culture, discussion, group games, and homework assistance.

    Peter Morrison

    Mary Kiefer

    Freshman Mentors Allows students to promote spirit and camaraderie through Woodbridge High School. Students will help the incoming freshman through their first year of high school.The freshman mentors meet second Tuesday of every month in room 307. Listen to the announcements for the next meeting. in order to join you must submit an application to Ms. Russell or Ms. Bechtold.

    Heather Russell

    Lisa Bechtold

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) A professional organization that is open to all students, the FBLA promotes leadership through Business Awareness,, Education, and Community Service. The FBLA meets on Thursdays in D5. Listen to the morning announcements or look for posted flyers in the D-wing. To join, come to the next meeting. Kathleen Prochoren
    Future Problem Solving Club (FPS) The FPS competes in academic competitions with the New Jersey Problem Solving Program. The purpose is to promote teamwork through creative thinking and problem solving techniques. Meeting dates are flexible. You can join a team or make one of your own with 4-6 students. Listen for dates over the morning announcements. the meetings take place in room 200.

    Anne Borna 

    Joseph Williams

    Gay-Straight Alliance GSA was founded to create a safe environment for our Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered or Questioning students and their straight allies to meet, learn, work and grow.  Together we will identify our missions and goals and assess our school’s climate.  It is our hope that with this Club we can continue the important work of maintaining a safe school environment for all of our students regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.  We meet every other Monday in Room 150 from 2:45p - 4:30p.

    Peter Morrison

    Mary Roderick

    Heros & Cool Kids  

    Jesse Angatia

    Amanda Small

    Host and Hostess Club This club plans food and activities for various functions throughout the school year. Meetings are held in class. Natisha Versuk
    Interact club The WHS interact club provides opportunities to develop leadership skills in addition to providing community service. The Interact Club meets in room 105. The club meetings dates vary. Listen to the announcements or look for posted signs. To join show up to next meeting.

    Alyssa Moody

    Jessica Montes

    International Culture Club Open to all students, the ICC participates in community service projects, while integrating and enhancing the cultural diversity of our local population. The ICC meets every other week on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room 105. To join see Ms. Zeitz or Ms. Zadigian, or come to the next meeting.

    Suzana Zeitz

    Kimberley Zadigian

    Junior Cotillion Committee Open to Juniors, this group meets to plan and decorate for the Junior Cotillion. As the days and meeting places vary, listen to the morning announcements and posted signs for details. Brian O’Halloran 
    National Honor Society The National Honor Society is an Academic and Community Service Club. Meetings are held twice per month in the Cafeteria/Library. Listen to the morning announcements for the next meeting. Students must possess a 3.3 minimum grade point average and must be involved in extracurricular and community service activities.


    Lisa Bechtold

     Heather Russell 

    Spring Musical WHS presents a full-fledged Broadway-style musical theatre production. Students are involved as actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stage managers, and other backstage areas. All students are given the opportunity to audition for the annual WHS Senior Musical to be performed in late winter/early spring. Practices vary, Monday - Friday and some Saturdays. Listen to the morning announcements for audition dates. See Mr. Lynch for more information.

    Thomas Lynch

    Kelly Terrell

    Senior Prom Committee Open to seniors, this group meets to organize the Senior Prom. They meet on Wednesdays in room D-228. Listen to the announcements. To join, attend the first meeting.

    Cari Hain


    Silent Choir   Kimberely Tan
     Social Justice    If there’s one word to accurately describe the Social Justice Club at Woodbridge High School, it’s “altruistic”. Founded two years ago, the Social Justice Club is an after school student group devoted to furthering its mission of bringing about political, economic, and social equality within the community. Despite facing some limitations, the teenagers recognize the value of helping others. These students shed light on injustices affecting the people of today and actively participate through discussions, presentations, and volunteer service. Already, they’ve caught the attention of neighboring schools and seem well on their way to starting a local trend.

    Kimberly Zadigian

    Spanish Honor Society The purpose of this club is to promote Hispanic culture, practice Spanish and help students with homework. Meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of the month in room D226. Nereida Ramos
    Step Team Open to all students, the WHS Step Team provides an opportunity for students to enjoy creative expression through dance. This club includes step team and dance. The club meets every Monday and Wednesday in Cafeteria 125 from 2:45-4:00. For more information come to the club and speak with Dana Sacco. Dana Sacco
    Student Council The purpose of this club is to give students a chance to voice their concerns/opinions on the happenings of the school. A student needs to be voted by their class. Stacy Huber
    Video Game Club   Brett Hoyer
    Weight Room Gives students the opportunity to weight train for sports, to be physically fit, to increase strength and to build self-esteem. The weight room is open Monday-Friday from 2:30 - 3:45. The weight room is open to all WHS students.

    Joseph LaSala

    Yoga Club   Laurie Vuksanovich