Parents, Guardians, and Students


     Woodbridge Township Gifted and Talented Music!


     It is time for another exciting year of learning here at Woodbridge Township School District.


     My name is Miss Joanna Lajewski and I am the Woodbridge Township Gifted and Talented Music Teacher.


    This year is sure to be packed with fun as we learn history, math, language arts, physical education, art, and other disciplines.


     Miss La's “Classroom Guidelines”

     M—Make “Good Use of Our Time Together”.

     U—Use Musical Instruments carefully.

     S—Sing with your “Best Voice”!

     I—Include ALL classmates in a friendly way.

    C—Conduct yourself with “dignity and “integrity”.


     Music performances this year will include…

     November 14, 2017  Visit to The Veteran's Home in Menlo Park

    January 30, 2018 Elementary School Poetry Night  Barnes and Nobles at Menlo Park Mall

     February 8, 2018     Middle School Coffee House  Barnes and Nobles at Menlo Park Mall

     March 14, 2018        Middle School Music Showcase  AMS Cafeteria


    March 19, 2018            Elementary Music and Creative Writing Showcase    AMS Cafeteria


     More information on the events will be available throughout the year.

     I invite you to come and support your students this year during their performances. 


    Music Grades for students will be based on

    Lesson/Participation Grades (50%),

    Jopics (30%)

    Quizzes and Tests (20%)


     I encourage students to bring in instruments, music, or other musical items to share with their peers.



     If you have any questions please feel free to email me at joanna.lajewski@woodbridge.k12.nj.usand I will help you in any way I can!



     Miss Joanna Lajewski

     (Miss La)