Colonia Athletic Department Questions and Concerns Process

    Colonia High School Athletics values the commitment to using athletics as an extension of the classroom. To that end, every student athlete is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own concerns and questions about their sport and athletics. Forms, practice schedules, game schedules and other materials will be distributed through the student athlete to the parents, in an effort to build and maximize the individual responsibility of the student athlete. As such, we further encourage all student athletes to interact with the coach at appropriate times if there are questions or concerns about their play.

    Coaches are encouraged to attend all of their Booster Club meetings throughout the year and are also encouraged to have meetings with parents and athletes throughout the year. Coaches are encouraged to meet with athletes throughout the year to explain decisions that impact their individual performance and methods and suggestions for improvement.

    Bearing in mind that our athletic department desires strong communication with both the student athlete and the parent, we have created a generalized process for questions and concerns. In the event that questions or concerns arise the student athlete must first meet with the coach to discuss the question or concern. The meeting should be requested for a time that is either before or after practice. Moreover the meeting should not be held during an academic period of the school day. In the event that the student athlete and coach are unable to resolve the issue, the student athlete, parent and coach may arrange a meeting during the working hours of the coach. If this meeting does not lead to a resolution then the group may arrange a meeting with the Director of Athletics. The next step in the process would be to request a meeting with the Building Principal. The final level for questions or concerns would involve the Superintendent of Schools.

    The Administration recognizes that there are situations that will cause a different approach as well as a deviation from the aforementioned process. The Director of Athletics will be the primary point of contact if a student athlete or a parent has a situation that needs to deviate from the process.

    Additionally, coaches and administrators will not have open discussions about playing time or in game coaching decisions/trategies. These situations are decisions that are determined by the Head Coach and also involve other student athletes. When meeting with any level for a question or concern, only the individual student athlete will be discussed.

    Coaches will not be available to meet with parents immediately before or after athletic contests. In addition, the Administration and Coaches will not meet with parents during an athletic contest. These are emotional times and often the concern or issue is amplified bythe tension of the moment. It is strongly encouraged to utilize the 24 hour rule; meaning waiting for 24 hours prior to requesting a meeting or contacting a coach.

    For further clarification, please contact:

    Ben La Sala

    Director of Athletics