Spring 2020 schedule:

    Block 1:  Computer Liaison Duty (check D1, the business office)
    Block 2:  Professional Prep (check D1, the business office)
    Block 3:  D3 Careers / Financial Literacy
    Block 4:  D3 Careers / Financial Literacy  
    B.A. in Economics - Rutgers University in New Brunswick
    (Freshman and Sophomore year spent at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
    2 years as a Stock Broker at Morgan Stanley / Dean Witter
    2 years as a Bank Manager at Wells Fargo (formally Wachovia, formally First Union)
    1 years at Camden Middle School, Newark, NJ as 8th grade Math / Science
    14 years at Port Reading School #9, Woodbridge, NJ (6 years 1st grade, 8 years 5th grade)