• Teacher

    Name: Mr. McGroarty (Department Head)

    Department: Mathematics

    Course: AP Calculus BC

    School Phone : 732-602-8659

    About the Teacher:

    Mr. McGroarty graduated from Saint Patrick's College Maynooth, in 1988.
    He holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics.
    In addition, he holds a M.A. Degree in Educational Administration from Montclair State University.
    This is his twentieth year teaching at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and he feels privileged
    to be a part of such a wonderful faculty and staff

    Mission & Curriculum Topics:

    Mr. McGroarty prides himself on trying to make mathematics enjoyable for all students. 
    Students in AP Calculus BC are provided with a background and understanding of Calculus One and Two which will enable them to be successful on the Advanced Placement Calculus BC test.
    Students in Calculus 3 will be given an opportunity to master all the theory and concepts of Calculus 3 before taking it at college.