• Physical Education Contract

    Physical Education Grading, Rules, and Regulations 

    Physical Education class is a graduation requirement. Failure to pass this course for 4 years will cause students to repeat it. The high school physical education program is a semester course broken up into four cycles. Cycles are 22 days long (1/2 marking period). Your child will spend three cycles in physical education and one cycle in health class. In the physical education class, the student’s grade will be based on participation, attendance, preparation and final exams. Every student begins the marking period with a grade of 100 points. Failure to follow policies and procedures will result in loss of points.

    1. Attendance: After two absences (excused or unexcused), Students are required to complete make up work or risk a grade deduction for each day missed. Make up work is located on teacher’s School Wires page and should be turned in two days after returning.
    2. Preparation: Students are required to change for physical education class daily. Students should be wearing shorts, sweats, t-shirts, sweatshirt, and sneakers. Slippers and boots are not appropriate footwear. Failure to dress will result in a deduction of points.
    3. Participation Objective evaluation by the physical education teacher of the student’s total involvement in the particular activity of the day. (Total involvement should include, yet not be limited to the following behavioral objectives: Effort, initiative, punctuality, leadership, sportsmanship, and cooperation.) Students are required to be in their spot for attendance and stretch at the start of each class, participate in cardio fitness and their activity.  Failure to do so will result in point deductions.
    4. Assessments: During each physical education semester, students will be required to take an online assessment. Each grade level has a different assessment. These assessments are located on the google classroom for each block of physical education. They will be open for the last month of the semester. Students can take them at their earliest convenience during that period. Failure to do so will result in a zero for your 75% of your final exam grade. 


    All personal items should be stored in your assigned locker. Suggested items include roll on deodorant, a container for jewelry, a t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, and/or a sweatshirt. All jewelry must be removed in the locker room before being dismissed for class. Since safety is the 1st and utmost concern, students are not to fool around in the locker room. Any dangerous locker room behavior will result in a student being removed from the locker room. 


    You must be in the locker room by the time the bell rings. Lates will be written up on the 2nd, 4th and 6th time. The 6th time results in a loss of credit.  Students will have ten minutes to prepare for P.E. class. You must remain in the locker room until the lights are flashed.  If you are in the gym without teacher supervision you will be written up. You may not leave the locker room without permission for any reason. If students are not in their squad for attendance, this will result in point deductions for being late.


    Cell phone use is NOT allowed during physical education class. Any cell phone used during physical education class or in the locker room will be confiscated. It is the firm belief that a student cannot be fully participating if on their phone during class.


    Teachers expect all students to participate in a positive manner on a daily basis. Bullying and horseplay will not be tolerated in any form.


    If a student has an injury or sickness for one day during the cycle, they can see the nurse and she will excuse them from class for that day. Any student that cannot participate for more than one day must bring in a note from their doctor stating so. Parent notes will not excuse a child from taking physical education class for extended periods of time.  The excuse will require them to complete a make- up assignment from the calendars provided.


    Calendars with a writing topic for each day of the school are located in several places for students to access. Calendars can be found on teacher’s school wire pages and on the google classroom for your physical education block. Writing assignments should be hand written and one full page front and back in length to receive full credit. It is the responsibility of the student to complete and turn the assignments in to their teacher before the cycle ends.

    You must join your google classroom for your PE block for up to date information.

    This document is worth ten points! Failure to return will result in point deductions!

    I have read the rules and policies for physical education class, understand them and will abide by them.



    Block 4 Google Classroom Code - 6yug23