• Algebra 2R

    Class code: kvkcq2f

    Syllabus: Algebra 2 Syllabus


    Grades will be based on the following grade scale:






    Homework, Class Work, Class Participation



    Please include your name, date, and block on all neat and legible work.

    Notification will be given for all upcoming tests; there will be 1-2 tests per chapter.

    There will be daily exit quizzes, which you may use your notes.

    Homework will be given on a daily basis and posted on school wires; you will need internet access.

    All assessments must include mathematical computations, to receive full credit.

    Class participation is based on daily warm ups and additional class involvement.

    I do not accept any late work or give extra credit assignments.


    If you miss a day of class, it is your responsibility to copy the notes from your peer. You are given two days for everyday absent to make up your work (denoted under genesis comment: “Absent”.) You will be given at a least 3-day notice for upcoming tests, so you are expected to make-up all exams the day you return.

     Every two weeks, students are notified of their current grade. 

    Parent/Guardians can access grades via: https://parent.woodbridge.k12.nj.us/woodbridge/parents

    All school policies apply during class:  RESPECT, CARING, FAMILY, TRUST, and RESPONSIBILITY.


    No electronic devices may be used in class, only calculators. Cell phones, iPods, and headphones will be confiscated.

    Students are required to provide their own personal scientific calculator.

    2 lates = detention; 4 lates= 1 day OSS & parent conference; 6 lates = 2 days OSS, parent conference, & loss of credit

    Please be prepared everyday with your daily class materials- preferably three ring binders w/paper.

    I have provided classroom folders for each student; this must remain in the classroom as it will contain makeup work.

    If extra assistance is needed, office hours will be posted on school wires-by appointment only.

    Homework Help is also available before and after school, please visit the CHS homepage for this schedule.

    Parents/Guardians please feel free to contact me at anytime via email. Anita.dsouza@woodbridge.k12.nj.us



    **Please note that you must complete all assignments on the day they are due, regardless of snow days. Any changes will be updated via googleclassroom

    **We encourage parents/guardians to view student's assignments via google classroom

    **Login to GoogleClassroom for the latest updates