JOPIC #1: Welcome Back! A new year is here and we are ready to make some music. Your first jopic this year is:
    Name me five (5) themes in music that you would like to learn this year on G&T music. Give one reason  for each theme why you would like to learn about each theme.
    JOPIC #2: Last week's jopic was to select five specific themes you would like to learn this year. Today's jopic is to please tell ne if you could teach three lessons for the G&T class, what would your jopic be? Tell me one reason for each of the topics.
    JOPIC #3: No one knows when or where the first music was made. What do you think the first music sounded like? What do they use to make the music?
    JOPIC #4: What is the most beautiful piece of music you've ever listened to? Talk about how each part  of the song made you feel and why it has stuck with you. Please use the musical vocabulary we have been working on to describe the song, trying to prove how great the song is and why everyone should enjoy it.
    JOPIC #5: What is more important to you; music or television? Give me FIVE (5) reasons why.
    JOPIC #6: What is the traditional music of your heritage like? Please describe the genre using music vocabulary. Then name me one song from that genre. If the song is in another language, please explain what the lyrics of the song are about. Then, please find an example of the song on Youtube.com that you can play for your fellow classmates. You song you will play must be school appropriate.
    JOPIC #7: How important is MUSIC in your life? What do you use it for?  When do you use it? Where do you use it? Are you alone or in a group or both when you listen to it?
    JOPIC #8: Please research a famous musician that plays the instrument that you do or sings like you do. Please tell me what type of education they received (if any) in the field of music. Tell me if they have any musicians they looked up to or any that inspired them to be a musician.
     *No less than 5 sentences*
    JOPIC #9: If you could have musical super power, what would it be? What would your name be? What kind of costume would you wear? Would you be a good guy or a bad guy?  How would your super powers help out a city where an evil character is disturbing their lives?
    **At least five (5) sentences**
     JOPIC #10: Please tell me your favorite holiday song. This song can be from ANY holiday. Please tell me five (5) reasons why you like it. Then, please find a version of your song on YouTube.com and tell me 3 reasons why you picked that specific version. You will then play that version for your class.
    JOPIC #11:  What song would make a good theme song for your life?  Explain why.
    **No less than five (5) sentences.**
    JOPIC #12: Ludwig van Beethoven carried a notebook with him.  When he came upon a sound he liked, he wrote it down to be included in a piece.  Pretend you are a composer.  Walk around with a notebook and write down five sounds you hear.  Now, compare and contrast each sound you heard with the sound of one instrument. For example, if you heard a bird chirp, you can compare the sound of the bird to a flute. Both timbres (how a pitch sounds) of the bird and the flute are high pitched and light.
    JOPIC #13
    Music can stir up emotions of many kinds. Please find me one (1) song that stirs up each emotion for you. Tell me what specifically in the songs makes you feel each emotion, whether it’s the music or the lyrics.
    1.      Sadness
    2.      Surprise
    3.      Fear
    4.      Happiness
    5.      Laziness

    JOPIC # 14: Imagine you are writing an animated movie in which musical instruments are characters. Select five (5) instruments and describe the personalities each will have in the film.
    JOPIC #15: There are ten (10) federal holidays that are celebrated in the United States. Please research the names of the ten federal holidays as well as a song that is associated with each.  Then, add 3 other holidays to the list along with a song that would best fit each of the additional holidays.  
    JOPIC #16: How is playing on a sports team like participating in an orchestra, band, or chorus? Give me at least five (5) reasons.
    JOPIC #17: What type of music would you chose to be played during the crowning of a king or queen? Give me at least five (5) reasons why you would choose that type of music.
    JOPIC #18:   Can a robot compose and/or perform music as well as a human being? Give me no less than five (5) reasons why or why not.
    JOPIC *SPECIAL*: Please do a new activity with music this week that is different from any you have done in the past. Write what it is, five (5) reasons why you enjoyed it or not, and if you will do it again.
    JOPIC #19:  Give me at least five (5) reasons for performing music.
    JOPIC # 20: Some surgeons enjoy listening to music while they perform surgery. Imagine you are a surgeon. List five (5) songs you feel would help you relax and concentrate while you work. Explain your choices.
    JOPIC #21: Please explain five (5) qualities a person needs in order to have a successful career in music.
    JOPIC #22: Name and describe five (5) feelings you have  when you have successfully sung or played a piece of music.
    JOPIC #23:   Name and describe at least five (5) reasons someone has for composing music.
    JOPIC #24: Name four (4) instruments in the string family of music. If you were to learn to play one, which would you choose and why? If you already play a string instrument, choose a different one.
    JOPIC #25:  The lives of a concert musician, a composer, a ballerina, and an opera diva are all demanding. Pick one of these performers and describe what a day in the life of one of these people would be like. Give me at least eight (8) things the performer you selected has to do every day.
    JOPIC #26:  Give me five (5) reasons why you do or do not agree with this quotation: “The world would be a dull place without music.”
    JOPIC #27: Think of an original idea for a radio or television commercial. Tell me the product or service you would want to advertise. Describe the music that will help grab the attention of the potential customers