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    Tomorrow’s Teachers 2019-2020 Syllabus 

    **Tentative Goal:  Begin your field placement in early December.  This syllabus represents approximately the first 31 days of your school year in Tomorrow’s Teachers.  Upon completion of these 31 class meetings, it is likely that you will begin your field placement in your classroom with your cooperating teacher.**   

    **Important Notes: 

    *All assignments will be explained in class and officially assigned.  It is not recommended to 

    jump ahead, as the syllabus can change. 

    *Approximately once per month, we will be completing classroom observations with

    typed observation reports.  Some of these observations will be in our school, while 

    others will be in elementary/ middle schools.  

    *All work completed during our class meetings must be saved and placed in your


    *By the end of next week, you will be paired up with a “mentor teacher” in this building.  

    You will work occasionally with this teacher ONLY during September, October, and

    November.  This teacher IS NOT your cooperating teacher, but will be someone you occasionally observe, interview, and shadow for a few class blocks during the first marking period, BEFORE you begin your field experience out of CHS.  See the document on page 4 of this packet for more information about this new component of our class.  

    *Weekly required check-ins:  Starting our first full week of school-SEPTEMBER 17th, you MUST check in with me once per week before school, at 7:30, on the designated day I assign to you.  You will be graded for your weekly check in and it will show up on Genesis. During this time, you will simply report to my classroom by 7:30 am, update me on your progress, ask any questions you may have about your cooperating teacher, students, and work.  I will update you on upcoming assignments and/or requirements. 

     **Remember, these check-ins will continue as  you begin your field work. If you miss a check-in, you will immediately see a zero posted in Genesis, with no chance to “make up” that week’s check in.    

    *Approximately once every 2 weeks (when we meet on Fridays), we will be reporting to

    Ms. Motola’s self-contained special education classroom to work with her, her students, and eventually teach full lessons to this class.         

    **Daily Written Reflections: “What would you do” teacher scenarios; written responses to our class discussion; brief news clip/ movie response; education article review, etc.  These reflections will be graded AND will be a component of your final portfolio, so they must all eventually be typed. They will vary with every class meeting.  

    September approximately 10 class meetings 

    1. Course information; Dual Enrollment; Student goals;  Discussion of career options other than or after teaching; Philosophy of Education page 11-1-15 to 18.  HW: Mentor forms; Acorn People/Hurried Child response   
    2. Book work page 1-1-11 My Powers; Self worth read aloud- 1-1-14; HW: Bags & Writing Assignment (typed) 
    3. Present bags; Read children’s self-esteem book aloud to class; Self-esteem fraud discussion;  HW: Self-esteem book lesson due class meeting 6. 
    4. Learning styles questionnaire & PPT; Pyramid; Intelligences inventory and chart page 1-2-10;  HW: Global vs Analytic page 1-2-12 
    5. Left versus Right Brain page 1-2-17 to 18; Maslow’s Needs and A Wicket’s Wad page 1-2-23
    6. Self-esteem book share; Special education unit introduction terms page 1-2-27 and video page 1-2-37
    7. High School Observation- Special education self-contained room; observation form page 1-2-35 and typed report 
    8. Barriers to Learning discussion/ seminar page 1-2-43 to 75 and book share; Each student “teaches” us about a barrier.  
    9. “Day in the Life” activity-  Walking in the shoes of someone with a disability and written report
    10. ELL page 1-2-78 to 86; video of ELL room; page 1-2-94 World Village; special education diagnostic activity and test review 

    October:   approximately 11 class meetings 

    1. Special education unit test; view special education documentary and reflect/ discuss; HW:
    2. Students present psychology theories (provide handouts and presentation notes): Cognitive development and Piaget page 1-3-10 to 14 
    3. Kohlberg’s Moral Development and values auction page 1-3-19 to 24
    4. Erikson and Vygotsky page 1-3-27 to 32; Prepare for elementary school observation 
    5. Elementary classroom observation and typed report (kindergarten/ elementary class) 

    page 1-3-41 

    16 and 17. Preschool/ Kindergarten classroom design and play days; Toys checklist; design 

    project requirements  page 1-3-34 and page 1-3-54

    1. Test on Developmental Unit and more work time for pre-school design project 
    2. Present  student development projects 
    3. Super Nanny episode 
    4. Share elementary classroom designs and typed reflections.  

    November:  approximately 7 class meetings 

    1. Middle School observation and typed report page 1-3-81 
    2. Bloom’s Taxonomy and Cooperative Learning: page 111-1-27 to 31;  page 111-1-21 to 24 
    3. Lesson plans preparation- Show Genesis, standards, packet of information page 111-1-32 

    to 62; complete practice lesson plan activity 

    1. Make your own class rules/ procedures page 111-1-77 to 78 
    2. Lesson plan assignment (fully typed plan) page 111-1-94 to 96
    3. High school teacher interview and work on lesson plans assignment 
    4. Teach your lesson; submit your plan; peers evaluate your teaching page 111-1-97 

    December:  approximately 7 days (Begin field placement!) 

    1. Placement information and preparation; Introduce portfolio assignment and requirements 
    2. Begin field work?  Observations and introductory visits to begin tentatively before break and 

    continue field work/ begin taking an active part in your classroom after winter break 

    Colonia Patriots NJFEA Chapter 1113

    Colonia High School is a recognized chapter with the NJFEA. The Colonia Patriots Chapter was established in 2017 and has worked hard to earn our official status. As a recognized chapter, we have the privilege of holding meetings, inducting members, and participating in NJFEA events. 

    About the New Jersey Future Educators Association

    The Center for Future Educators is host to the New Jersey Future Educators Association (NJFEA)—the statewide organization coordinating the network of individual chapters of the national Future Educators Association.  As part of its efforts with the NJFEA, the Center for Future Educators also coordinates with other colleges and universities across the state to host the annual statewide NJFEA conferences for high school and middle school students who aspire to become teachers. Conference participation is another forum for educating prospective future teachers and providing them with pre-professional networking opportunities to engage and interact with peers who have similar career goals.

    The benefits of membership in the New Jersey Future Education include all of the following:

    No-Cost Attendance at:  

    1. Annual Regional NJFEA Conferences   
    2. Annual NJEA Convention in Atlantic City   

    Free Resources, including:

    1. Bimonthly Official Newsletter of the NJFEA, “The Smartboard”  
    2. NJFEA Chapter Advisor Handbook  
    3. Videos, Interactive On-Line Activities, & Programs from Educators Rising, our National NJFEA affiliate  

    Eligibility for:  

    1. NJFEA Achievement Award Recognition  
    2. NJFEA Chapter Incentive Grants and Scholarships  
    3. Recognition by the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)  
    4. Service as NJFEA State Officers (including Special Leadership Training for State     & Chapter Officers)  
    5. Service on the NJFEA Advisory Board (for Chapter Advisors and NJFEA State Officers)  

    Opportunities to:  

    1. Network Statewide with other NJFEA Chapters and Individual Members  
    2. Participate in Future Teacher Leadership Training  
    3. Participate in the Annual NJFEA Recognition Dinner (for NJFEA State Officers and Achievement Award Winners, their Families, and Guests)  
    4. Participate in Urban-Suburban Student High School Exchanges  
    5. Participate in Statewide Service Projects 

    Membership Fee: $10 per individual membership (September 1st — June 30th, annually). Includes membership in the NJFEA & free membership in the new nationalEducators Rising.”

    Register today at:  https://www.thinkregistration.com/feaaff/nj/ 

    Mentor Teacher Component Document 

    By the end of this week, you must provide me with 3 teachers’ names that you would potentially want to briefly work with during the months of September, October, and November.  This teacher will be someone IN THIS BUILDING, but will NOT be a part of your future field experience.    

    What would you and your mentor teacher need to do?

    1. Your mentor teacher MUST have a block 4 class that meets on our designated day (A or B day)
    2. Your mentor teacher must be willing to have you observe him/ her a total of 2 times during the first marking period.  He or she will be given notice in advance of your observation.  Nothing will be recorded/ filmed.  You will simply write down notes during your observation.      
    3. Your mentor teacher must be willing to be interviewed by you.  You will use this interview for a written assignment to submit to me.  
    4. Your mentor teacher must be willing to communicate some basic information to you about his/her experience teaching, training to become a teacher, and his/her experience with the class you will observe.  

    ***Remember-  This teacher IS NOT your cooperating teacher.  This is simply someone you will observe and communicate with a few times during this marking period.  This person WILL NOT evaluate you in any way, but should be someone you deeply respect as an instructor in a secondary classroom.  It MUST be someone whose subject area is in a field that you are interested in teaching in your future.    

    ***Due to classroom/ physical space limitations, and safety concerns, physical education teachers are off limits for this component of the class. 

    The following is YOUR responsibility: 

      1. Talk to 3 teachers you want to consider working with.  
      2. Show them this document so they understand their expectations if they agree to participate. 
      3. Write their names below and have them sign so I know they agree to participate if chosen.  
      4. BE SURE THEY HAVE A BLOCK 4 CLASS during our meeting time/ day.  
    • Understand that I will have the final say about who you work with for this component of this class. 

    Teacher name #1:  ____________________   Teacher signature: _______________________

    Teacher name #2:  ____________________   Teacher signature: _______________________

    Teacher name #3:  ____________________   Teacher signature: _______________________