• Biology

    The mission of this course is to provide students a basic understanding of the characteristics and concepts that unite all living things.  This course has a larger molecular approach as opposed to organismal emphasis.  Students will hopefully gain conceptual comprehension of the themes in biology rather than disjointed facts.


    Chapter 1:

    The Science of Biology


    Chapter 2:

    The Chemistry of Life


    Chapter 3:

    The Biosphere


    Chapter 4:



    Chapter 5:



    Chapter 6:

    Communities and Ecosystem Dynamics


    Chapter 7:

    Humans and Global Change


    Chapter 8:

    Cell Structure and Function


    Chapter 9:



    Chapter 10:

    Cellular Respiration


    Chapter 11:

    Cell Growth and Division


    Chapter 12:

    Introduction to Genetics


    Chapter 13:



    Chapter 14:

    RNA and Protein Synthesis


    Chapter 15:

    The Human Genome


    Chapter 16:



    Chapter 17:

    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution


    Chapter 18:

    Evolution of Populations


    Chapter 19:

    Biodiversity and Classification


    Chapter 20:

    Modern Evolutionary Classification


    Chapter 21:

    Viruses, Prokaryotes, Protists, and Fungi


    Chapter 22:



    Chapter 23:

    Plant Structure and Function


    Chapter 24:

    Animal Evolution, Diversity, Behavior


    Chapter 25:

    Animal Systems I


    Chapter 26:

    Animal Systems II


    Chapter 27:

    The Human Body