• Environmental Science 

    Environmental Science is a process-based science curriculum that explores the relationship and impact of humans on their environment. Ecological concepts will be explored and used as a foundation in understanding the role and responsibilities of humans in environmental issues. Students will use the

    Internet and other technologies to collect and analyze data on environmental issues such as biodiversity, resource management, and political and economic policies concerning the environment. 


    Chapter 1 An Introduction to Environmental Science

    Chapter 2 Economics and Environmental Policy

    Chapter 3 Earth’s Environmental Systems

    Chapter 4 Population Ecology

    Chapter 5 Evolution and Community Ecology

    Chapter 6 Biomes and Aquatic Ecosystems

    Chapter 7 Biodiversity and Conservation

    Chapter 8 Human Population

    Chapter 9 Environmental Health

    Chapter 10 Urbanization

    Chapter 11 Forestry and Resource Management

    Chapter 12 Soil and Agriculture

    Chapter 13 Mineral Resources and Mining

    Chapter 14 Water Resources

    Chapter 15 The Atmosphere

    Chapter 16 Global Climate Change

    Chapter 17 Nonrenewable Energy

    Chapter 18 Renewable Energy Alternatives

    Chapter 19 Waste Management